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Djoser’s knowledge, years of experience, and intensive cooperation with local agents enable us to put together sophisticated and special walking and cycling routes. In our travels, the focus is on the nature, peace and the culture of the country. Add to that the personal contact with the locals and getting to know fellow travelers in your international group. Djoser Hiking Tours and Cycle Tours are a special experience.

On Foot and By Bike You See More 
There is no better way to experience the beauty of a country than on foot or by bike. Your legs take you to the most beautiful places and you see things you would overlook if you were traveling in a bus or car. You experience of a country is so much more intense. On Djoser’s Bicycle and Walking Tours take you through beautiful nature reserves and to remote villages, so you can experience the country up-close.

Who Participates? 
Djoser Walking and Cycle Tours are suitable for all those who love an active way of traveling and for those who want a more intimate, tranquil experience in beautiful nature.

Whether you're traveling alone or with a companion, these are great trips for you. For our walking and cycling trips are no age limits. It is important that you choose a trip that suits your condition so you can make the most of your vacation.

Small Groups
We travel in small groups. On walking tours there are a maximum of sixteen participants and on bike trips are no more than twenty participants. The minimum group size is eight.

Traveling With An International Group
We operate these trips in cooperation with Djoser, B.V. (in the Netherlands). Our clients from North America will be joining Dutch and Belgian travelers, of all ages. In these relatively small groups it is easy to break the ice and get to know your fellow travelers. Traveling with our international groups will enhance your international experience. Most of our guides are Dutch, and speak Dutch and English. These are far from lecture tours as you will be on the move constantly. You will find that almost all of your fellow travelers from Holland and Belgium have a superb command of English. These active trips are conducive to getting to know one another as we are constantly stopping in beautiful settings. You will also find that if you invite a couple of fellow travelers for a coffee or drink, the more intimate setting can be easier for polishing the rust off unused English skills.

Traveling Alone
Djoser is single friendly. You will be matched with a roommate of the same sex. If you request a roommate but we cannot provide one, there is no additional charge to you for the single. You may request single accommodations, for an additional fee. You will find the costs on our Prices/Dates page on each trip description. You can also check in with us to find out the group composition when you book a trip.

Why Djoser? 
• Guide assisted (guide speaks Dutch & English)
• International groups, all ages
• expert local representation
• individual freedom
• bike rental included (for bicycle trips)
• small groups
• unusual routes
• versatile walking and cycling routes
• Single-friendly
• comfortable hotels

Hotel Extension
It is possible to change the date of your arrival or departure in some destinations. You will find the costs for extensions in our website (Dates/Prices page). You will need to arrange your own transfers to and from the airport.

Getting Around
On our hiking trips we have a transport vehicle. You walk from place to place sometimes from our base at our accommodation or we move from place to place. Depending on the local terrain, we sometimes use other means of transport. We travel not only with our own bus, but by ferry or we take a domestic flight. Details per trip can be found in the trip descriptions.

Good Bikes
On our bike trips, we use good quality bikes with gears. The type of bike is a different per journey. In most cases, we use proper touring bikes from the country itself. On one trip, we use a mountain bike. The bikes are ready on arrival and maintained locally. You can give us your height before departure, so that we can provide you with the right size bike. The bike rental is included in the price. For all bike trips we use a private bus that carries spare parts, and sometimes an additional luggage van. In some countries, the use of bicycle helmets is mandatory. You must bring your own helmet. Of course it is always safer wearing a bicycle helmet.

Luggage Transport
During the walks you will want to bring a daypack with you with essentials for the day: water, lunch, camera, etc. In one case, you will take your belongings with you for one or two nights. The remaining luggage is transported. For multi-day treks we use carriers or pack animals. Depending on the trip, the bikes are equipped with luggage rack, panniers or a basket on the front so you can carry your camera and bottle of water . The large luggage is transported by bus.

Atmospheric Stays
The places where we stay are very diverse. We often use tourist class hotels. We often opt for small-scale accommodation with a friendly atmosphere, close to the places we visit. Depending on the trip you make, you sleep one time in a hotel or in a guesthouse and the other night in a village house with a local family or in a cozy mountain cabin. Every country has different places to stay giving your trip an extra dimension. In Vietnam, for example, you can stay overnight at a family home. in Italy you sleep in a cozy family hotel, in Iceland in a tent, and in South Africa in chalets and lodges. This is a great way to experience a country.

Enthusiastic Tour Guide
On most Djoser Walking and Cycle Tours an enthusiastic Dutch tour guide escorts the group. The guide speaks Dutch and English and has ample travel experience. On some trips there is an expert local tour guide. The tour leader communicates with our respected in-country land agent to insure that our trip runs smoothly. Should something not quite meet your expectations or you need help, report the issue on the spot to the tour leader who will work to find a solution. The tour leader will go along on the walking and cycling outings, which are included in the travel program and is responsible for the correct routes. On a number of intensive hikes and on most bike tours a professional local guide accompanies, who knows the area well. The local tour leader or guide handles the bike trips as well as the maintenance of the bike.

Intensity of Walking Tours
To help you in your choice, the gravity of the walking tours is expressed from level 1 to 3. This takes into account the duration of the tours, the level changes, the height at which we walk and relationship of rest to walking days. This of course remains an estimate; the final gravity of a trip varies depending on factors such as weather conditions and your own physical condition.

Walking tour ratings:
1 = Easy hikes with little elevation on the program.
2 = Walk an average of six hours and walk in hilly terrain.
3 = Rigorous hikes from four to eight hours in a mountainous area.

Gravity of the Bike Tours
The bike tours are suitable for everyone who likes to get on a bike and for those with a normal condition and health. The severity of the trips is expressed by numbers one to three. The distances we cover are different per trip per day. Please note that a journey of 18 miles in the tropics over hilly terrain is a very different experience than a bicycle tour in a cool area on flat terrain.

Bike Tour Ratings
1 = Easy. Flat to hilly terrain.
2 = Rides of 24 to 50 miles per day in flat to hilly area.
3 = Mountainous terrain with steep descents.

Regularly the bus will deposit us at the top of a steep hill and then we descend by bike. The heartiest of the pack can also choose to tackle the challenge up the hill. Our bus accompanies us so you can always interrupt a ride. On many trips depending on the wishes of the group we can extend or shorten a ride.

Sustainable Tourism
Djoser is committed to sustainable tourism. ]We support the local economy by working together with local agents worldwide. In short: we travel consciously and take people, nature and the local culture into account. Djoser has an eye for the world!

The Djoser organization has been a UNICEF partner for 20 years and currently supports the organization 'ECPAT' in the fight against child sex tourism. Djoser client can make a voluntary contribution per customer booking, which Djoser doubles each year to get local development projects off the ground, that benefit the welfare of the local population. Last year Djoser donated approximately $125,000 to a project in Mozambique. This year the money will go to projects in Nepal.

The Djoser Team
The Djoser office in America (operating since 1998) works in close cooperation with Djoser, B.V. in the Netherlands (operating for 30 years). Our teams work together with our reputable, in-country land agents, to insure you have a smooth-running trip and an experience of a lifetime. Email or call us with your questions!