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Uganda, Tanzania and Zanzibar Tour, 21 days

 In Uganda, in Queen Elisabeth Park you will encounter elephants, lions, buffalo, crocodiles and many birds. In the rainforest of Kibale chimpanzees reside in the wild, while mountain gorillas are hiding on the flanks of Virunga. Masai shepherds greet you on the way to the endless grass plains of the Serengeti and Africa's largest crater; Ngorongoro. There is a lot to do on Zanzibar, but relaxing on the beautiful palm-fringed beaches.

Join our international group with travelers of all ages. Most of the group will be coming form Holland and Belgium. You will discover most have a superb command of English. Your guide addresses the group in Dutch and English.

Join us for an unforgettable cultural and nature adventure.


  1. Entebbe - Kampala
  2. Kampala
  3. Kampala - Kibale Forest
  4. Kibale Forest
  5. Kibale Forest - Queen Elizabeth NP, game drive
  6. Queen Elizabeth NP, boat tour Kazinga Canal
  7. Queen Elizabeth NP - Lake Bunyoni
  8. Lake Bunyoni
  9. Lake Bunyoni
  10. Lake Bunyoni - Lake Mburu
  11. Lake Mburu - Bukoba
  12. Bukoba - Mwanza
  13. Mwanza - Serenegeti national park
  14. Serenegeti NP
  15. Serenegeti NP - Karatu
  16. Karatu - Moshi
  17. Moshi - flight to Zanzibar (Stonetown)
  18. Zanzibar (Stonetown)
  19. Zanzibar (beach)
  20. Zanzibar (beach)
  21. Zanizbar - ferry to Dar es Salaam

Day by day

Kampala & Lake Mburo national park

Day 1 Entebbe - Kampala
Day 2 Kampala

You will meet the other travelers arriving from Amsterdam, at the airport in Entebbe. Here we are met by our safari truck and crew who take us to nearby Kampala. The Ugandan capital is located on a few hills. It is always busy around the minibus station from where red mud-smeared vans, 'matatus', fan out all over the country. The colorful Hindu temple on Sikh Street is in stark contrast to the sober brick Namirembe Cathedral. This is the largest cathedral in East Africa and has formed the decor for many important ceremonies. The Nakasero market is certainly worth a visit and guarantees curious glances and sales pitches from the local vendors. 

Kibale Forest National Park 

Day 3 Kampala - Kibale  Forest National Park
Day 4 Kibale forest NP

We leave the busy Kampala behind us and travel north to the Kibale Forest. Our safari truck comes in handy on the non-paved road. This national park contains lowland, tropical rainforest, marshes and grassland and is famous for its high primate density. There are no less than 13 different primates, including chimpanzees. During a walk, where a permit is required, you search with a guide in the forest and you have a chance to meet a family of red colobus monkeys. You can also come face to face with a forest elephant. But really special is a meeting with the wild chimpanzees.

Bird lovers can enjoy themselves during the optional beautiful walk in the adjoining Bigodi Wetland reserve. This swamp contains no fewer than 130 bird species. You will also come across some of the seven primates, such as the shy but beautiful black and white colobus monkeys .

Queen Elisabeth National Park

Day 5 Kibale NP - Queen Elisabeth National Park, Game Drive
Day 6 Queen Elisabeth NP, Morning Game Drive & Afternoon Boat Tour on Kazinga Channel

We travel further towards the Queen Elisabeth national park. This is the most famous and largest national park in Uganda and has been declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. A whopping 568 of Uganda's 1017 bird species can be found within the boundaries of the park. The park is beautifully situated against the backdrop of the rugged Ruwenzori mountain range. During Idi Amin's reign, the wildlife has suffered severely, but thanks to the efforts of the past decades, people can now fully enjoy large herds of elephants, buffalo and various antelope species. We make a 'game drive' here in the afternoon. Keep your camera and binoculars at the ready!

The next morning we make a 'game drive' in the park where we look for elephants and various antelope species. The park is known for a troop of lions, whose members can climb very skillfully in trees. Then we make a boat trip on the Kazinga Canal, connecting Lake George to Lake Edward. In the canal there are large groups of hippos and along the banks you can often see crocodiles, buffaloes and many water birds.

Lake Bunyonyi

Day 7 Queen Elisabeth NP - Lake Bunyonyi,
Day 8 Lake Bunyonyi, optional gorilla trekking
Day 9 Lake Bunyonyi

The road to the Bunyonyi Lake in southern Uganda leads past several villages. We pass cyclists carrying large loads of charcoal or bananas. Lake Bunyoni, located to the west of Kabale, is located about 2000 meters in a hilly green area. The crater lake that is about 25 km long and 7 km wide belongs to the deepest of Africa. Estimates about the depth range from 44 to 900 meters. There are 29 islands in the lake of which only a few are inhabited.

The peaceful surroundings with spectacular views of volcanoes and the presence of more than 200 different bird species have made it a popular destination. It is possible to make an optional trip on the lake in a simple wooden canoe where you can get rich bird life for your binoculars.

Gorilla Trekking 
Gorilla Uganda Djoser From Lake Bunyoni you can make an optional visit to the mountain gorillas that live in the border area of ​​Uganda. Detecting the gorillas on the slippery slopes requires patience and perseverance, but when you bump into a group of mountain gorillas through the dense foliage, this unique experience makes you forget all your efforts instantly.

If you want to look for the mountain gorillas you have to have a reasonably good condition. To protect the rare mountain gorillas, a visit is subject to strict rules and you must be in possession of a permit. This permit is requested by Djoser in advance and currently costs USD.650 per person.

We must have your registration for the trek approximately 6 weeks before the start of your trip in order to guarantee the permit. We need to make a reservation shortly before departure. No permits are issued to persons younger than sixteen. You also need to submit a yellow fever certificate. At a unsuccessful trek you get another chance the next day to look for the gorillas. If you do not see them, you can not claim a cash refund. Incidentally, the chance that you see them is about 99%. Depending on the availability of permits for the trek, we visit Magahinga or Bwindi National Park in Uganda, the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo or the Ruhengeri National Park in Rwanda.

Lake Mburo national park

Day 10 Lake Bunyoni - Lake Mburo national park

Lake Mburo national park is Uganda's smallest park and easily accessible with our safari truck. The Mburo Lake, together with 13 other lakes in the area, is part of a 50 kilometer long wetland ecosystem connected by a swamp. A true bird paradise! Due to the absence of elephants, the savannah landscape is changing here. We make our first 'game drive' in the afternoon, looking for impala, buffalo, zebra, topi and the rare Roan antelope. Hippos and crocodiles are permanent residents in the lake. From a high point you look out over the surrounding acacia-covered hills around the lake.

Bukoba & Mwanza

Day 11 Lake Mburo NP - Bukoba
Day 12 Bukoba - Mwanza

We travel south to the border between Uganda and Tanzania. This follows the Kagera River that flows into Lake Victoria. Depending on the time we spend at the border, there is still time in the afternoon to look around in Bukoba. In the center are some German colonial buildings and shops run by Indians. On the market, at the fish market and at the harbor on Lake Victoria, there is always a lot of activity. We spend the night here in a hotel.

The next day we drive under Lake Victoria through to the third largest city in Tanzania; Mwanza. Here we stay in a hotel. At the harbor you can see everything here and you are approached by surprised fishermen. Strange balancing rock formations on the shores of the lake and the colorful Hindu temple are worth seeing.

Serengeti national park

Day 13 Mwanza - Serengeti national park, game drive
Day 14 Serengeti NP, game drive

Then we travel through Tanzania's most famous park via the Western Corridor; Serengeti National Park. We spend the night at a campsite in the middle of the park. From here we make various 'game drives', game treasure hunts. Because of the size of the park, we spend a full day here to observe and photograph wildlife. This largest and most famous park in Tanzania covers an area of ​​no less than 14,500 km² and has an unprecedented density and diversity of wildlife.

The majority of the Serengeti consists of extensive open grass plains with here and there characteristic rocks, called 'cups'. But also acacia and savannah woodlands, wooded areas along rivers and so on here swamp areas occur. Besides herds of wildebeest, zebras, giraffes and gazelles, the Serengeti is also known for its predator population. It is no exception, for example, if you see lions and cheetahs several times, including the black-legged old male specimens. The leopard is also relatively common here and can be found resting in trees or on the 'cups' during the day.

The spectacular annual migration of the wildebeests and zebras takes place in a large circle, including the Masai Mara in Kenya. In the period December-January the large herd is in the extreme south of the Serengeti. Starting in March, the animals begin to move in a northerly direction. Between May and July, most animals are in the north and west of the park. During the period August-September the herds are in the Masai Mara, after which they migrate south again from October.

It is, of course, true that the animals do not comply with this guideline. Everything determines the amount of precipitation that falls and especially the location where the precipitation falls. It is therefore very well possible that the herd can be found in the middle of the Serengeti in September.

Ngorongoro Crater and Moshi

Day 15 Serengeti NP - visit Ngorongoro crater - Karatu
Day 16 Karatu - Moshi

After a game drive' we leave the Serengeti and drive to the edge of the spectacular Ngorongoro Crater which we explore in the afternoon with four-wheel drive cars. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is one of Africa's most spectacular nature reserves, not only because it is one of the largest craters in the world (264 km²), but also because of the great diversity and density of wildlife. At the bottom of the crater are all members of the so-called 'big five' (elephant, lion, black rhinoceros, leopard and buffalo). The crater also has a lot to offer for the bird lover.

After our visit to the crater we 'descend' to Karatu where we can rinse the dust of the past days in the pool of the campsite. The next day we drive via a beautiful route towards Mto wa Mbu, a beautiful ride. Whimsically shaped monkey bread trees and the view of Lake Manyara produce photogenic images. Then we spend the night in lively Moshi, where you can catch a glimpse of the summit of Kilimanjaro with some luck. We fly to Zanzibar the next day.


Day 17 Moshi - flight to Zanzibar, stay Zanzibar City
Day 18 Zanzibar, stay Zanzibar City
Day 19 Zanzibar (beach)
Day 20 Zanzibar (beach)
Day 21 Zanzibar ferry to Dar es Salaam - 

On day 16 we drive to the airport for a short flight to Zanzibar city. The tropical spice island is a nice ending to our trip. The island is a completely different world than the mainland of Africa. Zanzibar has white beaches, clear blue sea and palm trees, which contrasts with the savannas and wildlife parks in Tanzania and Uganda. The first two nights we stay in the historic city center of Stonetown. You can wander for hours through the labyrinth of narrow streets with small shops and past old houses with beautifully carved wooden doors. Also check out the home of David Livingstone or the old slave dungeons.

Dates and prices

Departure dates 2023

Land Begins Land Ends Price Availability  
Guaranteed leave
Aug-09-23$5,5205 seatsbook now >
Aug-10-23Aug-30-23$5,58513 seatsbook now >
Sep-07-23Sep-27-23$5,82017 seatsbook now >
Oct-12-23Nov-01-23$5,45520 seatsbook now >

Departure dates 2024

Land Begins Land Ends Price Availability  
Jan-04-24Jan-24-24$5,52019 seatsbook now >
Feb-15-24Mar-06-24$5,39020 seatsbook now >

Conditions "Guaranteed leave"

Cost Overview

$440 . - Single Acommodations

$240 . Weekly estim. out of pocket - meals, entry fees, other optionals,
$50 . T ip Pot

$650 - Gorilla Trek
$180 . Gorilla Trek/Chimpanzee walk
(excludes transport costs)

Kendwa Beach - Zanzibar (prices from)
$170.00 - Double
$160.00 - Single

19 - Breakfasts included
8 . Lunches
8 . - Dinners

Practical information

Flights & Transportation

We provide the land package only, therefore you will need to obtain your own flights. You should plan to arrive at the same time, or prior to the arrival time of the bulk of the group, coming from Amsterdam.  At this time, their arrival and departure times are as follows:  

Dutch arrive 10: 20 PM Entebbe  Here we are met by our safari truck and crew who take us to nearby Kampala.

Dutch depart on final day Dar es Salaam- 11:20 PM.  

A ferry is provided form Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam, however, you might be able to get a flight leaving from Zanzibar. 


During this trip through Uganda and Tanzania the following excursions and the entrance fees are included in the travel program.

Visit Kibale Forest national park; the entrance fee is included.
Visit Queen Elisabeth national park. Here we make two 'game drives' with our safari truck; the entrance fee is included.
Gamecruise on the Kazinga canal in the Queen Elisabeth national park
Visit to Lake Mburo national park. Here we make a 'game drives' with our safari truck; The entrance fee is included.
Visit Serengeti national park. Here we make three 'game drives' with our safari truck; the entrance fee is included.
Visit the Ngorongoro Crater where we use Landrovers to explore this wild crater during a 'game drive'. the entrance fee is included.

During the trip there are some optional excursion options. Payments for this must be paid in US dollars on the spot. Here is an overview with a number of target amounts. These prices are subject to change and are only intended as an indication:

Gorilla trekking USD 650, -
Chimpanzee walk in Kibale forest USD 180, - (excluding transport costs)

Photos & video

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