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Taiwan tour, 13 days

Taiwan used to be called Formosa after Ilha Formosa, 'Schoon Island'. On this tour of Taiwan you will see all facets of the beautiful island. Besides an introduction to the modern, dynamic Taipei you experience the overwhelming natural beauty of Taiwan. We travel along the impressive coast with steep cliffs, via Hualien, to the mighty Taroko Gorge where we take a walk. In the south you will find beautiful beaches and coral reefs. You also visit the unique lighthouse of Eluanpi and the historic Henchung. We visit temples, monasteries and steps in the footsteps of the East India Company. In Tainan are the remains of the 'Fort Zeelandia'. The mountain area of ​​Alishan and the Sun Moon Lake provide a spectacular conclusion to the trip. Join small groups with active travelers of all ages. The international make-up of our group enhances your cultural experience. Most participants will come from the Netherlands and Belgium. The guide addresses the group in Dutch and English, plus you will find almost all participants have a great command of English. 


  1. arrival in Taipei
  2. Taipei
  3. Taipei - Ching Shui cliff - Hualien
  4. Hualien, excursion Tarokokloof
  5. Hualien - Sanxiantai - Chihpen
  6. Chihpen - Hengchun - Eluanpi - Kenting
  7. Kenting
  8. Kenting - Checheng Fuan - Foguangshan
  9. Foguangshan - Kaohsiung - Tainan
  10. Tainan
  11. Tainan - Alishan - Sun Moon Lake
  12. Sun Moon Lake - Boat Trip
  13. Sun Moon Lake - Taipei

Day by day

 Visit the metropolis Taipei
Day 1. Travel day
Day 2. Arrival Taipei
Day 3. Taipei

You should plan your flight so that you can meet the group early morning at the Taipei airport. If that cannot be arranged, you can meet at the hotel at check-in. 

On the way from the airport to the hotel we visit various attractions such as the Longshan and Pao An temples and the Martyrs' Shrine with the changing of the guard. The famous Manka Longshan temple is a resting point in the turbulent Taipei. It has a long tradition of reconstruction after devastation due to earthquakes, American bombings and fires.

The skyline of the Taiwanese capital Taipei overwhelms upon arrival through the many skyscrapers that this city possesses. Taipei has developed rapidly from the 1970s into a modern 'hotspot' with many modern gadgets. In this city of millions, the kitschy illuminated advertising shouts unreadable Chinese messages of roofs and facades 24 hours a day. The metropolis has great appeal because of its many sights, markets and modern shopping centers in the eastern part of the city where the latest gadgets are available.

In the west you walk through narrow streets and you will find all kinds of nice, traditional shops. Dihua Streett has buildings in different architectural styles and forms a bustling center for the trade in tea, rice and traditional medicines. You will not have missed the skyscraper Taipei 101 from the plane. The Taipei 101 tower symbolizes prosperity and prosperity and was even the highest skyscraper on earth until 2007. A visit to the top floor gives you a fantastic view of the city. The elevator of this building takes you in a short 37 seconds, in no less than 61km / h, to one of the highest floors of the building.

The Shilin Night Market is a place where items are sold for reasonable prices and where authentic local specialties can be enjoyed. For lovers of Chinese art, there is the National Palace museum. The collection of this museum contains more than 650,000 art objects from Chinese history from 8000 years ago. Chiang Kai-Shek is Taiwan's national hero. The Chiang Kai-Shek memorial Hall informs about his life and is a popular stopping place for the people of Taipei.

Travel along the beautiful east coast to Hualien
Day 4. Taipei - Ching-Shui cliff - Hualien
Day 5. Hualien, excursion Tarokokloof

After our visit to Taipei we leave the bustle of the capital behind us and travel to the quiet east coast of the island. The coastal region is breathtakingly beautiful. The combination of an azure blue sea, wooded steep cliffs and cliffs brings the demand photos! It was probably along this coast where in 1583 a Portuguese navigator sailed. The then unknown island he called Ilha Formosa, Portuguese for Clean Island. We travel to the Chin-Shui cliff. The perpendicular, cliff rises over 300 meters  from the sea, Chin-Shui cliff attracts many day trippers from Taipei. From this spot you have a great view over the Pacific Ocean. After this visit, we travel to Hualien.

Hualien is the base for one of Taiwan's most beautiful national parks: the Taroko Gorge . The 19 kilometer long canyon was eroded by the Liwu River millions of years ago. The marble walls of the gorge rise hundreds of meters into the air. The road runs straight through the mountains. It is a breathtaking course where many rivers, waterfalls, suspension bridges and many beautiful viewpoints can be seen. During our visit to the Taroko Gorge we can make beautiful walks.

Next we visit Changchunschijn where the views are the most spectacular.

Walking over the eight arch bridge of Sanxiantai
Day 6. Hualien - Sanxiantai - Chihpen

We continue the beautiful coastline to the south with the final stop Kenting. Mighty cliffs offer spectacular views of the ocean. The clean, clear seawater provides an excellent breeding ground for oysters and at various restaurants these are on the menu. The eight-arch bridge at Sanxiantai connects the mainland with an island off the coast that owes its name to the enormous three rocks that are a striking feature of the island. This is why Sanxiantai is also called 'the terrace of the three immortals'.

Our overnight resort Chihpen is known for its pleasant hot springs. 

Plenty to to see and do in and around Kenting

Day 7. Chihpen - Henchung - excursion Eluanpi lighthouse - Kenting
Day 8. Kenting, optional visit Kenting national park
Day 9. Kenting - Checheng Fuan - Foguangshan

rOn the way to Kenting we stop in Hengchun, a historic town and partly walled by an old defense wall. We also stop at the Eluanpi lighthouse which is located on the most southern point of Taiwan. This is the only fortified lighthouse in the world.

With its beautiful beaches and clear water Kenting attracts tourists from their own country as well as surrounding Asian countries. One comes not only for sunbathing, but also to practice different types of water sports. Within the park borders of the Kenting national park, not only is the beautiful coastline protected, but also the beautiful coral reefs. You can also be amazed by the underwater world in the South China Sea. In the summer you can snorkel and dive at Kenting. From autumn to the beginning of spring, visibility is best, but the water is colder and you can dive well.

In Kenting every night there is a night market where you can buy delicious snacks, such as grilled squid.

From Kenting we drive the next day towards Foguangshan. On the way we stop at the Checheng Fuan Temple, a temple that has a history of more than 200 years. This temple is also known as one of the largest temple in Taiwan and is often visited by believers on the birthday of the land gods. It is even said that when you climb the temple, you catch a glimpse of the emperor.

The Buddhist monastery Foguangshan , where we spend the night, was founded in 1967 by the master Hsing Yun. Upon arrival, the no less than 32 meters high golden Buddha is immediately visible.

Take part in the morning ceremony in Foguangshan
Day 10. Foguangshan - Kaohsiung - Tainan
Day 11. Tainan

In the morning we take part in the fascinating ceremonies in the Foguangshan monastery where you hear hundreds of monks chanting their  mantras. After this we travel to Tainan.

On our way to Tainan, we first stop at the Lotus Pond in Kaohsiung where temple lovers can pick their hearts up here. This name was chosen because of the lotus flowers that cover the lake, which is situated on the temples. At Lotus Pond you can find many temples, including pagodas in the form of a dragon and a lion. In Kaohsiung you will also find the former English consulate, built in 1865, that is reminiscent of the Renaissance. This building is also seen as the most ancient, Western building that has been preserved in Taiwan's history.

Tainan, the oldest city on the island, is also called the temple city of Taiwan. You'll find no less than 200 different temples here. Such as the Chusi Temple, the largest in Taiwan, and the Confucius Temple, built in 1665. You also come across a piece of Dutch history when visiting Tainan. Ever since the beginning of the 17th century the VOC (East Indies Trading Company)  tried to get a foothold on the Chinese mainland. The Dutch landed on the island of Formosa in 1624 . They established a settlement here and built  ' fort Zeelandia '. The place was the base for trade with Japan and China.

Today a free day has been scheduled. Everyone can discover Tainan in his own way, for example by going out on a bicycle.

With the boat and the bike around the Sun Moon Lake
Day 12. Tainan - Alishan - Sun Moon Lake
Day 13. Sun Moon Lake, boat trip
Day 14. Sun Moon Lake - Taipei - 

The beautiful wooded area of Alishanis visited on weekends by day trippers who come here to walk. Higher in the mountains the temperature decreases and you will find several tea plantations. The tea is grown here at an altitude of 1,000 to 2,000 meters. The tea is known for a soft taste and a delicious, sweet smell. In addition to tea, tobacco is also grown. The 'Alishan Sisters Ponds' are also visited. These are two ponds of different surfaces, namely 530 and 66 square meters. The story goes that two sisters jumped in the lakes and died for love. The 'Giant tree trail' is a trail full of huge cypress trees that symbolize Alishan. The largest tree here is 43.5 meters high, around 2,000 years old and has a circumference of 13 meters.

The last days you stay at the largest lake in Taiwan, the Sun Moon Lake . Because of the fairytale, beautiful surroundings the blue-green lake and its hilly surroundings form a magnet for newlywed couples. In the middle lies the island of Lalu, which literally means 'sun and moon'. From the Cien Pagoda you have a good view of this beautiful area. We make a beautiful boat trip and visit the imposing Wen Wu temple dedicated to Confucius. You can also make a nice bike ride around the lake. The next day we drive back to Taipei where you say goodbye to the other group members before you fly home. 

Dates and prices

Departure dates 2023

Land Begins Land Ends Price Availability  
Guaranteed leave
May-06-23$3,2551 seatsbook now >
Guaranteed leave
May-29-23$3,3207 seatsbook now >
Jul-22-23Aug-07-23$3,25515 seatsbook now >
Oct-14-23Oct-30-23$3,25518 seatsbook now >
Oct-28-23Nov-13-23$3,38517 seatsbook now >
Nov-11-23Nov-25-23$2,99520 seatsbook now >
Dec-23-23Jan-06-24$2,99519 seatsbook now >

Departure dates 2024

Land Begins Land Ends Price Availability  
Apr-27-24May-11-24$2,99520 seatsbook now >
May-11-24May-25-24$2,99520 seatsbook now >

Conditions "Guaranteed leave"

Price includes

  • Land program
  • Transport by bus
  • Dutch travel guide (speaks English and Dutch) 
  • Local guide and driver
  • Hotel nights with breakfast
  • Overnight Foguangshan monastery
  • City excursion through Taipei
  • Trekking through the Taroko Marblekloof
  • Boat trip on Sun Moon Lake

Price excludes

  •  International flights
  • Meals, not mentioned 
  • Entry fees & optional excursions
  • Tips and personal expenses
  • Travel insurance 

Cost Overview

$610 - SIngle Supplement

$240 . Weekly out of pocket expenses, estimate

Taipei . - Hotel Extension night
$170.00 . Double roo
$150.00 . Single Room

Deposit - 20% of total costs - non-refundable
Balance due - 60 days prior to trip.

Please refer to Terms and Conditions on booking form for cancellation penalties. We recommend that you get travel insurance to cover unforeseen emergencies and expenses.

Practical information

Accommodations & Meals

During our stay we stay in good tourist class hotels that have been carefully selected for their location in relation to sights and their quality. All rooms are equipped with private bathroom, TV, telephone and Wifi. In Foguangshan we spend the night at the monastery. Here you can experience a Buddhist ceremony in the morning.

Typical hotels - subject to change

Taipei Golden China Hotel
Hualien Chateau de Chine Hotel
Hualien Lake Shore Hotel
Chiphen Hoya Hot Spring Resort
Foguangshan Foguangshan Guest House
Tainan New Dynasty Hotel
Sun Moon Lake Einhan Resort

Single Travelers

Single travelers will be matched with a roommate of the same sex. If we cannot match you, there is not additional charge for the single. If you prefer a single room, please request on your booking form (extra charge).  

Hotel Extensions

If you would like to extend your trip by an extra night at the beginning or end of your trip,  please let us know, and we will request the room for you.  You will find extension costs in the Costs Summary. 


Breakfast is included in the trip. The other meals are not included in the fare during this trip. So you can decide where, how or what you want to eat. The tour guide can give tips and advice about restaurants and the different dishes. You can of course eat with the group, but you are also free to discover a new restaurant somewhere.

Taiwanese cuisine offers many possibilities, with Chinese, and regional influences from the original inhabitants of the island. Because of the multiple ethnic population groups there is also a varied range of food. Taiwan has a real food culture, so there is a food stall on every corner of the street. In many dishes, food such as rice, noodles, vegetables, meat and fish will not be lacking. From crab cakes and rice in bamboo to the amount of fruit and fish and stinky tofu, in Taiwan you can make it as crazy as you want

Flights & Transportation

The journeys from one overnight stop to another are made with a comfortable, air-conditioned bus. This makes it easy to stop on the road for different activities, photo moments or just to stretch the legs. The distances in Taiwan are not big and on the way we make several stops at sights, viewpoints or nice villages 

Booking your international flight -
We provide the land package and transportation within the program as described. We do not arrange international flights from or to the United States or Canada. The land program will begin approximately two hours after the arrival of the Netherlands (NL) participants who will be arrive from Amsterdam. The land program will end about 4 hours prior to their scheduled departure time, which allows for time to get to the airport. The proposed flights for the Dutch participants and the land beginning and end times are listed in this section. They are subject to change based on flight delays or changes. We will keep you posted of any flight changes that we are aware of prior to the trip. When scheduling your flights, keep the following times in mind:

So that you will not miss the Welcome meeting or first activity. book your flights based on the flight times of Dutch participants below

* if the Dutch arrive early in the A.M. we recommend that you book an extension hotel night for the prior night. Please indicate your preference on your booking form.
If your flight departs at the same time or within a couple of hours after the Dutch flight out, feel free to join them on the bus transfer to the airport free of charge. Otherwise, you will need to organize an airport transfer at the front desk of the hotel.

Before you book your flight - To avoid flight change or cancellation costs get email confirmation from our office that the trip has enough participants to be a “GO”.
Verify the spelling of your name-within 24 hours - When you book your flights, double check your flight records to confirm that your name is spelled on your ticket exactly as it appears on your passport. Some companies (for example, ORBITZ) will only allow a 24 hour window to correct any errors without penalty. You may incur heavy fees for changes, forfeiture of your flight ticket, or even worse, you could be denied entry to a border upon arrival.
Send us a copy of your flight itinerary - We will forward to the tour leader so they will know when to expect you at the hotel and when you will be departing.
Keep in mind hotel extensions - If the Dutch travelers arrive early in the morning, we recommend that you arrange to fly in the day or night before so you will be meet the group. Some trips involve an immediate transfer from airport to the next town so make sure you will arrive before the others so you don’t miss the first meeting or transfer to the next location. We can arrange an extension hotel night for you. Prices for hotel extensions can be found in the "Dates & Prices" section
If the Dutch participants arrive in the late evening - Should they arrive very late in the evening, the group will have their first meeting in the morning in the hotel lobby. You can check in earlier and relax or explore on your own.
Airport transfer to/from hotel – not Included - If you will be arriving and or departing on the same flight as the Dutch travelers let us know. Then you can join them on the bus for the group transfer at no additional charge. Notify us in advance so we can alert the tour leader. If you schedule your flight at the same time as theirs, or later, you can join them on the group transfer to the airport at no additional charge. Otherwise, you can take an authorized taxi to the first hotel on the list we have provided for you. Private airport transfers can be very costly . If your flight is delayed, they are difficult to reschedule or cancel. With a taxi, you are not charged for waiting time or cancellations.

Useful Links for booking your flights

Money Matters

In Taiwan the currency is the New Taiwan Dollar. Look for the current prices on .

ATMs: In Taiwan there are plenty of opportunities to use your debit card, especially in the big cities many cash machines can be found where you can pin 24 hours a day. Check in advance if there is a Maestro or Cirrus logo on the bank card, to make sure that it is accepted and can be used.

Cash: It is best to take US dollars on holiday because they are best exchanged for the Taiwan dollar. You can exchange money especially at the airport and in major cities.

Credit cards: Credit cards are accepted in many places.
Tipping is not always done in Taiwan. Of course tipping is appreciated. You can decide per service provided whether you think it is worth giving more money.

Also, it is typical to tip the tour leader. The amount, of course, is at your discretion.

As guide amount for expenses that are not included in the fare, such as other meals, entrance fees, optional excursions and personal expenses, a minimum of $225 per person per week applies.


  • Land program
  • Transport by bus
  • Dutch travel guide (speaks English and Dutch) 
  • Local guide and driver
  • Hotel nights with breakfast
  • Overnight Foguangshan monastery
  • City excursion through Taipei
  • Trekking through the Taroko Marblekloof
  • Boat trip on Sun Moon Lake

20% Deposit of total costs due upon booking - non-refundable
Balance is due 60 days prior to departure.
See Terms and Liabilities on booking form which describe cancellation penalties, wnich are higher as you get closer to the trip.


 At Djoser you decide which sights you find worthwhile to visit. One likes to roam the market in search of African souvenirs, the other wants to make an active excursion or a special boat trip to watch life on the water. In most cases you can go out on foot or with local transport yourself or with fellow travelers, with or without help from our tour guide. Admission fees are therefore not included in the fare, so you have all the freedom to draw your own plan.
You can not miss some places of interest, are difficult to reach or are 'en route' to our next place to stay. Such excursions are included in the program at Djoser. With an inevitable entrance, such as from a national park where you stay or visit, that entrance fee is included. In other cases, this entrance fee is exclusive.

During this trip through Taiwan, the following excursions are included in the itinerary:

Taipei, after arrival we visit the Longshan and Pao An temples and the Chiang Kai-Shek memorial Hall
On the way to Hualien we visit the Ching Shui cliff
We make an excursion to Taroko Marble gorge
We visit the East Coast Scenic Area with Sansientai
Visit to Kenting national park
We take a look at the fortified lighthouse of Eluanpi
Visit the historic Checheng Fuan temple
We visit the former British Consulate
Visit to the lotus pond and the accompanying 'Spring and Autumn Pavilion'
Stop at 'Fort Zeelandia'
We visit the forests at Alishan
We take a boat trip on Sun Moon Lake and visit the Wenwu and Syuangzang Temple

Travel Documents

1 page per entry/exit stamp

TOURIST VISA NOT REQUIRED: for stay of less than 90 days

Health Issues & Insurance

For short trips to Taiwan, no vaccinations are required. The vaccination for yellow fever is only mandatory if you have been in a country with a high risk for this disease within six days before you visit Taiwan.

Group Composition

 Minimum group size: 10
Maximum group size: 20

Djoser travelers are active, enthusiastic travelers of all ages. Join an international group with travelers from the Netherlands, Belgium and North America, who will be the minority group on these trips. Most of our trips range from a minimum of eight participants to a maximum of 20 or 22. You will find couple and singles on our trips. Feel free to call us if you wish to know the demographic make-up of a particular trips (number of singles and age range).

What to expect when traveling with an international group - Djoser, Inc. (the United States office) has been a Tanzania tour operator for over 10 years. Djoser, B.V. (the Netherlands office) has been a Tanzania tour operator for over 25 years. So together we bring vast experience. Most of our trips are arranged in cooperation with Djoser, B.V. in the Netherlands. Because they cater to the voracious travel appetites of the Dutch, we can offer a vast number of programs around the world with hard-to-find itineraries, with numerous departure dates.

You will travel with an international group, with most participants from Holland and Belgium. The international make-up of our groups is the attraction for many regular Djoser travelers and adds another cultural element to the trip. Typically, there are only one to five North Americans per group. You will find that almost all of your fellow travelers have an excellent command of English and most are very willing to socialize. It’s a great idea to extend an invitation to a few travel mates for coffee or a drink early in the trip. They will appreciate your effort and this is a great way to break the ice. It will be easier for them to test out their English skills in a quiet, one-on-one setting. Group members tend to warm up to one another in a day or two. As with every tour group, compatibility has most to do with individual personalities.

We attract travelers of all ages and we enjoy the mix! You will find our participants welcome opportunities for independent explorations in addition to group activities. No matter their age, Djoser travelers expect, and are up to lots of walking, hiking, biking, or whatever comes our way. The Dutch and Belgian travelers will fly as a group from Amsterdam. You will meet the group and tour leader at the hotel where you will begin the land program with the group.

Tour Leaders & Support Staff

 Our trips are guided by an experienced Dutch guide who speaks Dutch and English. He or she will be responsible for the organizational and technical aspects of the trip. He/she coordinates with the driver, hotels, and other vendors along the way. The tour leader has extensive travel experience and expertise as well as a comprehensive training.

Our experienced land representatives are situated in the destination country you will visit. We work closely with them and they function as the liaison between our office, the guide, drivers and hotels. They are also available in the case of an emergency and their number will be provided on your emergency contact list.

A local guide talks extensively about the country; from local customs, religious influences to cultural backgrounds.

Photos & video

Book Trip/Trip Inquiry

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•Begin your reservation process by filling in this TRIP INFO REQUEST and send to us via the website. We will confirm dates and prices, and answer any questions you may have about the trip.

•Download and complete the BOOKING FORM including all participants passport information and payment information. Email a PDF, scan, or clear photo of your completed BOOKING FORM to All participants over 18 should sign the form.
• A deposit of 20% of total costs will be due upon booking in order to hold your place on the trip. The balance will be due 90 days prior to departure.
• Payments can be made by personal check or ACH wire transfer (domestic wire only). We will send you wire instructions.
• Upon receipt of your form, we will email you a receipt and confirmation of your booking.
• If paying by check, make check out to DJOSER, INC., Mail to Djoser, Inc. – Bookings 420 N. Oakland Drive, #6, Pasadena, CA 91101.

Questions? Call Luke Neal 484-995-2964. (West Coast)



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