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Namibia Safari, Lodge Accommodated, 18 days

 During this 18-day lodge / hotel tour through Namibia we travel from Windhoek, via the Kalahari desert and the Fish River Canyon to the spectacular sand dunes in the Namib Naukluft park. From Swakopmund, we follow the Skeleton Coast where we stop at Cape Cross. In Damaraland we visit the Himba, look at the murals of Bushmen and go in search of desert elephants. The famous Etosha park and the beautiful Waterberg Plateau offers every chance of seeing plenty of game.

Join our international groups with active travelers of all ages. Most participants come from the Netherlands and Belgium. You will find almost all have a superb command of English and our guide addresses the group in Dutch and English.

Join us for a true nature and cultural adventure!


  1. Windhoek
  2. Windhoek - Mariental - Stampriet (Kalahari desert)
  3. Kalahari desert - quiver forest - Fish River Canyon
  4. Kalahari desert - quiver forest - Fish River Canyon
  5. Maltahohe, Sossusvlei & Deadvlei (Namib Naukluft)
  6. Namib Naukluft - Solitaire
  7. Solitaire - Kuiseb Canyon - Swakopmund
  8. Swakopmund
  9. Swakopmund - Cape Cross - Brandberg (White Lady)
  10. Brandberg, walk to White Lady
  11. Brandberg - Damaraland (Palmwag)
  12. Damaraland (Palmwag)
  13. Palmwag - Kamanjab, rock paintings
  14. Kamanjab - Etosha National Park
  15. Etosha National Park game drive
  16. Etosha National Park game drive
  17. Etosha NP - Waterberg plateau
  18. Waterberg - Windhoek

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Departure dates 2021

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Nov-02-21Nov-22-21$4,3500 seats
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Jan-18-22Feb-07-22$4,09016 seatsbook now >
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Dec-20-22Jan-09-23$4,35020 seatsbook now >

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Jan-17-23Feb-06-23$4,22020 seatsbook now >
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Apr-11-23May-01-23$4,09020 seatsbook now >

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