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  • Off the beaten path tours in Morocco and Jordan 
  • Wildlife, nature explorations & cultural interaction
  • Flexibility! Room for independent explorations
  • Small, international groups. Active travelers - all ages
  • Guide assisted (not lecture tours)
  • Affordable!
  • Convenient, tourist-class hotels
  • Single friendly tours
  • Hard-to-find, comprehensive, single & multi-country programs
  • Experienced tour operator since 1998 with seasoned, reliable, in-country ground staff, globally
  • Private options

The Best of Group & Independent Travel 
Djoser's tours in the Middle East are ideal for travelers who love active, off the beaten path journeys. Djoser's itineraries dig deeper, whether we are exploring a single country or taking a cross-continent journey. Our trips are non-confining. With small groups, and knowledgeable guides, who who handle trip logistics, (not lecturers), you can enjoy more flexibility. While you can always join the group and guide for an activity, but there is ample freedom for independent explorations and dining.   

Who is Djoser?
Djoser, Inc. is a tour operator, doing business in the U.S. since 1998. We are an offshoot of a reputable 30-year old Dutch company, Djoser, B.V., with whom we collaborate for our group tours in Europe. We are huge proponents of the travel style of the savvy, value-minded Dutch, the original road warriors (80% hold passports)! And our international groups add another cultural element to your trip.   

Active – Authentic – Non-Confining
Our itineraries dig deeper whether we are exploring a single country or taking a cross-continent journey. Our trips are non-confining.Knowledgeable guides act as logistics coordinators, not lecturers. Travelers will find ample freedom for independent explorations and dining.

Who travels with Djoser?
Djoser travelers are culturally inquisitive and open-minded. On Djoser trips you will join an international group with most participants coming from the Netherlands, a few from Belgium, and a few from North America. Connecting is easy in our small groups you will find most of your fellow travelers have a great command of English. Our trips have an average of 16 participants of all ages. Our hearty participants, of all ages, are always up for a hike, a bike ride and opportunities for independent activities. The minimum number of participants is usually 8, maximum 20, and on some trips 22. The minimum age for our trips is 16 years. If you wish to travel with younger children, please contact us for private trip possibilities.

An adaptable spirit is essential when traveling "off the beaten path" as many destinations have limited infrastructure. Poor roads or weather conditions can lead to program changes or delays. But when you come mentally prepared, you can easily roll with it.

We offer comfortable, conveniently located, accommodations.  Many are quite charming, some have pools or other attractive features. Sometimes we might stay a night or two in more primitive surroundings to experience local life, such as in Bedouin tents on our long Morocco trip.  The desert experience is unforgettable. On some nights in Morocco group tours and during private journeys, you can stay in atmospheric riads. 

Traveling solo – Djoser is single-friendly!
Single travelers are welcome! On our group trips we will match you with a roommate of the same sex. Or on your booking form you may request single accommodations, for an additional charge. If you are willing to share a room, but we are unable to match you with a roommate, you will not be charged an additional fee.

Getting around
Djoser has everything arranged in advance in the country of destination. We travel from place to place with our own bus, often equipped with air conditioning, where needed. We can always stop to stretch our legs, to check out a nice market or a beautiful village. A country must not only be experienced through the windows of a bus!  Once we reach a city or town, we use the local forms of transportation to get around, unless there is an planned excursion outside the city. Sometimes it may be possible to take hire a caleche to get an overview of a city from the vantage point of a horse and carriage. This is a wonderful way to observe life on the streets.

Domestic flights
Djoser provides the land package so your flights from the U.S. or Canada and back are not included. During some programs we  cover large distances  by plane.

Spectacular Journeys

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site - Petra 
  • Overnight in the desert - camel rides - sunset over the dunes

Enthusiastic Tour Guide
Most of our tours are guided by a Dutch tour guide who speaks Dutch and English. The tour guides work closely with our local agent and they are responsible for the organizational and technical aspects of the trip. They are not lecturers. Their extensive travel experience and expertise gives added value to our trips. A careful and comprehensive training lays the foundation for their preparation. In many countries we also have the assistance of an experienced local guide. Some trips are accompanied by a local (English speaking) tour guide. This is indicated in the respective country information.

The Local Representative
In all countries, we work with a reputable, experienced local agent. Many of our agents have worked with Djoser for 20 years or more. They know their region like the back of their hands and help us to put together special programs. Our local agent arranges our hotel and transportation far in advance of the trip. The local agent also looks after the affairs of Djoser groups and keeps in touch with the tour guide, so that in the event of an emergency the are quick to assist and advise.

Sustainable Tourism
Djoser is committed to sustainable tourism globally. We support the local economies by working together with local agents worldwide. In short, we travel consciously and take into account people, nature and culture.

Djoser B.V. the parent organization has for many years worked with UNICEF on the United Nations Children's Fund. Using a voluntary contribution on the customer booking form, this is doubled by Djoser, B.V. every year and funds are earmarked for local development projects that contribute to the welfare of the local population. Last year Djoser donated approximately $120,000 to a project in Mozambique. Subsequent donations in the next year were earmarked for a project in Nepal.

The Djoser Team

Djoser Inc. has operated in the United States since 1998 servicing North American clients. We offer our tours in cooperation with Djoser, B.V. in the Netherlands, who have been in operation since 1985 (see staff above). Our land agents, from around the world, meet with us each year at the Djoser headquarters, in Leiden, in the Netherlands. We share close bonds with these partners as many have worked with Djoser for over twenty years. Because of this , there is a consistency in the quality and adherence to trip quality and philosophy, no matter where you travel with us around the globe.

A successful journey begins with good information in advance. In our Terms & Conditions you read what you can expect, how to book a trip, and review the  travel terms and conditions.

Djoser offers over 70 Tours, Safaris, Walking Tours & Biking Tours. We travel to Africa, Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, Oceania and Europe.