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Walking Tour: Italy: Cinque Terre, 8 days

On our walking tour of Italy in Cinque Terre, we explore five spectacularly located fishing villages on the rugged rocky Ligurian coast. This magnificent hiking area with its many wine terraces will be explored using one of the most beautiful coastal hiking trails in Europe. We walk between the villages along the coast and through the hilly hinterland. Join international groups with travelers, of all ages on this hiking journey.


  1. Pisa – Bonassola
  2. Bonassola, Monterosso
  3. Bonassola, Riomaggiore – Monterosso
  4. Bonassola, Riomaggiore – Portovenere
  5. Bonassola, Framura
  6. Bonassola, Manorola – Volastra – Corniglia
  7. Bonassola, Monterosso – Soviore – Vernazza
  8. Bonassola – Pisa

Day by day

On Djoser’s Italy walking tours in Cinque Terre we will take day hikes from a residence or we will do multi-day treks.
On rest days you can take extra walks or fill your time as you wish. The tour leader can offer tips and suggestions. You are never obligated to participate. There is a ample freedom for those who want to spend some time independently. By the nature of our trips and local conditions there may be unexpected situations that may result in the adjustment or cancellation of a particular walk or activity. We travel in groups of about 12, up to 16 people.

Day 1 - Pisa - Bonassola

On our hiking trip in Italy, you will meet the Dutch participants in Pisa at the airport early in the morning to take the bus transfer to Bonassola. It would be a good idea to book a hotel night in Pisa the prior night so that you can be at the airport to meet the group bright and early and ready for your walking adventure.

The bus takes us to the town of Bonassola on the Ligurian coast. Nearby is the Cinque Terre National Park, designated by UNESCO as World Heritage. From our cozy family hotel in Bonassola we walk between the villages along the coast and through the hilly hinterland. We use the local railway line to be able to discover as much as possible of the area. Occasionally we take the boat back after the walk so you can enjoy a different view of the colorful villages along the coast. Those who want to may use a day to take the train to explore Pisa or Genoa.

Day 2 Bonassola, walk Monterosso

We walk today for almost five hours. From Bonassola we walk to the upper Scernio, at 606 feet, and then between the beautiful wooded hillsides and olive groves to the coastal town of Levanto. We take the time for a real cappuccino on one of the many terraces. You walk mainly through the woods but we will be treated to spectacular views of the coastline, including a view of Punta Mesco. We descend the slope to the first village of the Cinque Terre and the only one with a sandy beach: the old fishing village of Monterosso. You can also find a castle and a beautiful monastery from the 17th century. We take the train back to Bonassola.

Walking time: + 4.5 hours, 656 feet ascent and descent and 1049 feet rise and fall

Day 3 Bonassola, Riomaggiore - Monterosso

The walk along the five Cinque Terre villages begins, after a train ride, in Riomaggiore, the heart of the local wine production. From the harbor we follow the trail and walk about five hours, through Manarola, Corniglia and Vernazza to Monterosso. We devote all day for this hike so you have time to explore the picturesque villages. Manarola is especially characteristic in terms of location and Corniglia, perched high on the cliffs by the sea, will leave a lasting impression. Vernazza is also beautiful, with a square on the water, a beautiful harbor and the Romanesque church of Santa Margherita di Antiochia.

Walking time: + 5 hours, 656 feet ascent and descent

Day 4 Bonassola, Riomaggiore - Portovenere

We walk to the southern tip of the peninsula. The trail climbs through ancient olive groves and through the viewpoint Madonna di Montenero where we walk along the ridge to Camiglia. The landscape becomes rougher as we approach the medieval port town of Portovenere. After about five hours walk we will have a drink or fresh Italian ice cream on one of the terraces. During the boat ride back you can admire the beautiful coastline of the other side.

Walking time: 6 hours + 1640 feet rise and fall

Day 5 Bonassola, Framura
Day 6 Bonassola, Manorola - Volastra - Corniglia

The train brings us to Deiva Marina for a walk through the nature Framura. You walk high above the blue sea, through sleepy villages and along wooded slopes to the lookout Salto della Leppre. At the second stage, between Framura and our hotel in Bonassola, cobblestone paths lead to quiet beaches. The next day we walk from Manarola to Corniglia through the hilly hinterland, among vineyards and through the mountain village of Volastra at 1115 feet. You walk about three hours.

Walking time: 5.5 hours + 984 feet rise and fall and rise and fall 557 feet
Walking time: + 3 hours, 1082 feet ascent and descent

Day 7 Bonassola, Monterosso - Soviore - Vernazza
Day 8 Bonassola - Pisa

We climb from Monterosso to the ancient shrine of the Madonna of Soviore and enjoy the views of the valleys and mountain slopes. The trail winds further through Madonna di Reggio to Vernazza. In the colorful harbor, we conclude our hiking week. The bus will take you back to Pisa where participants will embark on their flights back home.

Walking time: 3.5 hours + 1148 feet rise and fall 1469 feet and 1525 feet from Madonna di Soviore

Dates and prices

Departure dates 2022

Land Begins Land Ends Price Availability  
Sep-03-22Sep-10-22$2,1400 seats
Guaranteed leave
Sep-24-22$2,1403 seatsbook now >
Sep-24-22Oct-01-22$2,0758 seatsbook now >

Departure dates 2023

Land Begins Land Ends Price Availability  
Apr-22-23Apr-29-23$2,01011 seatsbook now >
Apr-29-23May-06-23$2,07514 seatsbook now >
May-06-23May-13-23$2,01015 seatsbook now >
May-20-23May-27-23$2,01013 seatsbook now >
Jun-10-23Jun-17-23$2,01015 seatsbook now >

Conditions "Guaranteed leave"

Price includes

Our Italy walking program includes: Land package, transportation by bus, train (train pass Cinque Terre) and boat, hotel accommodation with breakfast, excursions according to program, Dutch tour guide.


Price excludes

Our hiking tour in Italy is exclusive of: International flights, airport transfers, travel insurance, meals, entrance fees, optional excursions, gratuities, personal expenses,

Cost Overview

Land price from

Single accommodations $330
Extension hotel city
 Please inquire
Estimated out-of-pocket, weekly $290
Deposit due upon booking $500
  * Deposit based on 20% of minimum land price, or $500 minimum
  * Balance due 60 days prior to departure. 

Practical information

Accommodations & Meals

On our Italy walking tour in Italy we stay in a comfortable, cozy, family run hotel with private shower and toilet in the coastal town of Bonassola. All breakfasts are included.

An example of our usual hotel:
Bonassola     Albergo Lungomare

In we offer the possibility to book a single room for an additional charge (see Prices/Dates page for cost). Please note that there are only two single rooms each are available.

Hotel Extension - You will need to meet the group at the airport early in the morning to take the bus to Bonassola. Therefore we recommend you book an extension hotel night in Pisa so you can be at the airport bright and early. This also gives you a great excuse to explore Pisa.


Breakfast is included in the fare. For other meals you can determine where, when and with whom you eat. You can eat in one of the restaurants in the cozy town of Bonassola or any of the other Cinque Terre villages. The eating habits of the Italians is slightly different from ours. Breakfast is usually very light and consists of a sandwich or croissant with tea or coffee. The main meal takes place around 2:00. Almost all restaurants offer a cheap daily menu.

The pizza has its origins in Naples, but is also available elsewhere. In addition, there are several local specialties. Then one uses relatively late evening meal in comparison with the Netherlands.

A pasta dish you can eat from $10, -; a three-course menu costs $20, - $27, -. On the beautiful rolling hills of Italy, the vineyards and olive groves flourish. A fine wine or tasty olive oil also belongs to the culinary possibilities.

Flights & Transportation

Land program begins: 10:10-10:30 AM
Land program ends : 12 Noon

Djoser provides the land program. You will need to arrange your own international flights to and from the destination Please keep the anticipated begin and end times in mind when you plan your flights.

The anticipated flight schedule for the participants arriving from Amsterdam is listed below.

Flight provider: Transavia
Flight arrives: from Amsterdam: Pisa 8:10 AM
Flight departs for Amsterdam: Pisa 15:50

Do not book your own flights until you have confirmation that there are enough participants enrolled for this trip to go. Djoser is not responsible for the cost of flight changes or cancellations. - During our travel in Italy we use different means of transport.

Airport to Hotel – You will need to meet the group at the airport in Pisa early in the morning to take the bus to Bonnasola. We suggest that you request an extra hotel night in Pisa.

Booking your international flight - We provide the land package and transportation within the program as described. We do not arrange international flights from or to the United States or Canada. The land program will begin approximately two hours after the arrival of the Netherlands (NL) participants who will be arrive from Amsterdam. The land program will end about 4 hours prior to their scheduled departure time, which allows for time to get to the airport. The proposed flights for the Dutch participants and the land beginning and end times are listed in this section. They are subject to change based on flight delays or changes. We will keep you posted of any flight changes that we are aware of prior to the trip. When scheduling your flights, keep the following times in mind.
Dutch participants' proposed flights: (subject to change)

Verify the spelling of your name-within 24 hours - When you book your flights, double check your flight records to confirm that your name is spelled on your ticket exactly as it appears on your passport. Some companies (for example, ORBITZ) will only allow a 24 hour window to correct any errors without penalty. You may incur heavy fees for changes, forfeiture of your flight ticket, or even worse, you could be denied entry to a border upon arrival.

Send us a copy of your flight itinerary - We will forward to the tour leader so they will know when to expect you at the hotel and when you will be departing.

Keep in mind hotel extensions – On our hiking trip in Italy, if the Dutch travelers arrive early in the morning, we recommend that you arrange to fly in the day or night before so you will be meet the group. Some trips involve an immediate transfer from airport to the next town so make sure you will arrive before the others so you don’t miss the first meeting or transfer to the next location. We can arrange an extension hotel night for you. Prices for hotel extensions can be found in the "Dates & Prices" section
If the Dutch participants arrive in the late evening - Should they arrive very late in the evening, the group will have their first meeting in the morning in the hotel lobby. You can check in earlier and relax or explore on your own.

Useful Links for booking your flights

Money Matters

Currency in Italy: Euro
ATMS : Available in Bonassola and other places along the coast
Cash: Euros;
Credit cards: are accepted in many restaurants and shops
Estimated out of pocket expenses weekly for travel to Italy $330

Please use this as a guideline for costs not included in the fare such as other meals not listed, entrance fees, optional excursions and personal expenses.

We recommend that since there will be not opportunity for money exchange while we are on the move that you have enough cash on hand. The tour leader can advise you.

For the current conversion rates refer to .

Tipping: It is customary to tip for services rendered. To avoid the hassle, the tour leader will establish a tip pot from which he/she will tip drives, local guides, hotel staff. The pot will not include a tip for your tour leader. Tipping is appreciated and the amount up to your discretion.


With Djoser you decide which sights you worth to visit, besides the hikes made during the trip. One looks like a museum, while others prefer to visit a market. From our accommodations you can make yourself easy on foot or by local transport customize the options to your preference.

Some sights you should not miss or lie on the route. Such excursions are at Djoser in the program. Here again, any entrance fees are exclusive.

During the walking tour in Italy the following excursions in the travel program included:
• Hiking on day 2 to 7 with tour guide
• Boat trip Portovenere - Levanto

On site other excursions are possible. The tour leader can advise you on this.

Travel Documents

  • Visa requirement for Italy : No Visa needed.
  • Valid passport

Health Issues & Insurance

Vaccinations recommended for Italy : None

The medical facilities in Italy are similar to those at home. There are no vaccinations recommended for Iceland. We advise you to take a small medical kit including include bandages, painkillers, medicine for intestinal disorders.
Please note that travel and walking can be tiring. It is wise to be in good condition and equipped to travel. During the trip make sure you eat well, stay hydrated, and get plenty of rest.

Go well prepared!
Make sure you're well-prepared. Hold or spend the months leading up to your trip your workout and try equipped to start your walking tour. So you have more enjoyment of your holiday. Good equipment is also important. Always have good walking shoes and take the appropriate clothing. Nothing is more annoying than defective equipment.

Check with the Center for Disease Control – Travelers information for recommendations. Keep in mind that they may recommend an inoculation or medication such as malaria pills, which may be necessary for one specific part of a country but not another, or for a particular season. Shots are expensive. Make sure to get only what is needed. We recommend asking your doctor for a prescription to combat a more serious intestinal disorder.

When you book a trip we will provide you with information regarding the usual recommendations for the region we will visit. You will be responsible to check with your travel clinic or physician to review your plans and to find out the most up-to-date recommendations and needs for your particular situation. Plan to get your inoculations four to six weeks in advance of your trip. Some offices may need to preorder the medicines so call in advance. It is wise to pay careful attention to what you eat. Also, we recommend you bring medicines such as pain-killer and for remedy for intestinal disorders (such as IMMODIUM) Bring a small first aid kit. Tweezers, band-aids, antiseptic cream, insect repellant, salt rehydration tablets. The tour leader will have a first aid kit.

Climate and altitude changes can sometimes cause illness. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Bottled water is readily available. Excessive alcohol intake contributes to dehydration and makes you more vulnerable to illness. Make sure that you get plenty of rest and enough food and drink during the trip.

Insurance - For peace of mind, we recommend that you procure travel insurance. In the event of an illness or injury, an emergency evacuation can be incredibly expensive and you would want access to the best possible facility. Also, lost baggage or missed flights can mean added expenses. Even events at home may prevent you from taking a trip, such as a lost job or ailing family member. It is important to get travel insurance immediately after booking. Most companies have a brief window (within 10 days of booking) for coverage for a preexisting condition. You will be asked to provide us with travel insurance contact information before your departure.
You are free to choose your own provider. Over the years, we have recommended TRAVELEX. They offer a variety of plans and most importantly, they are responsive. Should you choose to go with TRAVELEX, you will contact them directly and the cost of your coverage will depend on the plan you choose. The cost will be based over the total cost of your trip and flights, and the amount is also subject to your age. Ask about the TRAVEL PLUS plan and the more economical TRAVEL LITE plan. * Arrange for insurance immediately after booking your trip so that you are covered for any pre-existing situation. TRAVELEX 1-800-228-9792

Gravity of the Journey

For our hiking tour in Italy we have provided the specifics of the hikes taking into account the duration of the tours, the level changes, the heights on which we walk, and the ratio of resting and walking days. This of course remains an estimate. Plus, your personal experience will also depend on factors such as weather conditions and your physical condition

Challenge Rating: 2
The walking tour Italy consists of coastal walks on well-trodden paths, occasionally along steep mountainsides. We walk from our hotel in Bonassola. You rise up to 1312 feet and makes runs to a maximum of 1312 feet We hike an average 4.5 hours on well-marked trails. The walks are for everyone to do well with a normal condition and you can every day to choose whether or not to go with a walk.

Lowest point hike: 32 feet
Highest point hike: 1115 feet
rise Maximum: 1640 feet
fall Maximum: 1640 feet
Total miles walk:
Average walking time: 4.5 hours

For more information about the walking time and altitude, we refer you to the day-to-description of this route.

Group Composition

On our Italy walking tours our groups consist of a good mix of people of all ages, who travel together or as singles. If you are traveling alone, you can connect quickly in our small groups. On average, the groups consist of 12 participants. The minimum number of participants is usually 8 to 16 maximum. If you would like to know the specific composition of a group, just give us a call and we can tell you the number of males and females and age range of the participants.

Tour Leaders & Support Staff

For our hiking tour in Italy, the trip is accompanied by a tour leader (who speaks Dutch and English). The guide will be waiting for the group at the airport at Pisa. The tour guide provides practical information as possible about the walk, the route and the different activities during rest days. In addition, the supervisor tells something about daily life and the different habits of the country. However, the tour guide is not a lecturer. For any questions, comments or concerns you can always contact the tour leader. The tour guides are keen walkers and do everything to make a success of your walking tour.

Climate & Geography

Cinque Terre is situated on the sea and has a Mediterranean climate. In the region where we walk, the weather in spring and autumn is stable with pleasant temperatures (between 68 to 77 degrees F ° ) with low rainfall. Yet an occasional downpour may occur. This trip occurs in the spring and autumn to avoid the heat and crowds in the summer months.

Photos & video

Book Trip/Trip Inquiry

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•Begin your reservation process by filling in this TRIP INFO REQUEST and send to us via the website. We will confirm dates and prices, and answer any questions you may have about the trip.

•Download and complete the BOOKING FORM including all participants passport information and payment information. Email a PDF, scan, or clear photo of your completed BOOKING FORM to All participants over 18 should sign the form.
• A deposit of 20% of total costs will be due upon booking in order to hold your place on the trip. The balance will be due 90 days prior to departure.
• Payments can be made by personal check or ACH wire transfer (domestic wire only). We will send you wire instructions.
• Upon receipt of your form, we will email you a receipt and confirmation of your booking.
• If paying by check, make check out to DJOSER, INC., Mail to Djoser, Inc. – Bookings 420 N. Oakland Drive, #6, Pasadena, CA 91101.

Questions? Call Luke Neal 484-995-2964. (West Coast)



* = required


  • walks originate from one accommodation
  • family seaside hotel including breakfast
  • unique route through Cinque Terre
  • international group

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