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Greece tour, 20 days

 During this tour of Greece you visit ancient ruins in Athens, Delphi, Olympia and Nafplion. You will visit the Acropolis and the Meteora Monasteries in Kalambaka. In addition you will travel to the Greek Islands, Naxos, Santorini and Crete for a magical stay. You stay in small hotels in cozy towns and enjoy the delicious Greek cuisine. Join our international groups with Dutch, Belgians and North American travelers.

Join our international groups with active travelers, of all ages. Most will come from Holland and Belgium, but you will find they have an excellent command of English. Your tour leader addresses the group in Dutch and English. Our skilled land crew have worked with Djoser for many years and make sure things run smoothly.

There is ample time for group exploration. Count on lots of walking. But sometimes, it is great to be able to break off and explore on your own. Your guide can make some great suggestions.

Join us for unforgettable cultural, nature and local experiences!


  1. Athens
  2. Athens
  3. Athens – Kalambaka
  4. Kalambaka - Osios Loukas - Delphi
  5. Delphi - Olympia
  6. Olympia - Pylos
  7. Pylos
  8. Pylos - Mystras
  9. Mystras - Mycene - Nafplion
  10. Nafplion
  11. Nafplion - Epidaurus - Corinthe Canal - Pireus, boat to Naxos
  12. Naxos
  13. Naxos
  14. Naxos, fast boat to Santorini
  15. Santorini
  16. Santorini, fast boat to Crete
  17. Crete
  18. Crete
  19. Crete
  20. Crete

Day by day

On the road with Djoser - On a Djoser trip our itineraries are not rigidly scheduled. The travel days of course are fixed, but locally, the program is carried out in consultation between the group and the tour leader. On most days the tour guide  offers a program with a number of excursions.  You are never required to participate. The tour leader can give you suggestions for independent explorations or dining options.

On average, classes consist of 16 participants. The maximum group size is 22 people.

* NOTE TO FACULTY MEMBERS PLANNING A CUSTOM UNIVERSITY STUDY TOUR:  If you are planning a study tour for a private group, use this description as your daily guideline.  We can build in scheduled activities that highlight  you area of study.


Day 1  Athens
Day 2 Athens  

Athens is the largest city in Greece and more than 3 million inhabitants, one of the largest in Europe. Almost 40% of Greeks live here. The city is rich in history.

Our hotel in Athens is in the center, within walking distance of most attractions. The modern center of Athens is formed by Syntagma and Omonia Square, which connect  busy shopping streets.

Not far from the Omonia Square is the Archaeological Museum. Here you will find one of the most famous collections of Greek art, from the most ancient Greece to the Hellenistic period. You can walk from the hotel in fifteen minutes to the Plaka, which originated in the Turkish time. Unlike modern Athens you  still see traditional homes. The walls are covered with hibiscus and bougainvillea. In many clearings you can still find remnants of temples and market places from ancient Athens. 

The highlight is of course the classic ascent to the Acropolis. It's a nice walk on the Pnyx, with a green pine-covered hill. Furthermore, you can visit the National Museum with its famous statues.

Day 3 Athens - Kalambaka
Day 4 - Osios Loukas - Delphi Bus depart for Kalambaka.

 Along the way to Kalambaka we visit the monastery Osios Loukas, one of the most beautiful buildings of Byzantine Greece. Loukas, to whom the monastery is dedicated, was successively adventurer, ascetic hermit, healer and prophet. In this latter capacity, he attracted the attention of the emperor. He was immortalized with this magnificent monastery church built in his honor.  

Kalambaka, which has a beautiful 14th century cathedral, is located at the foot of some steep boulders. The highlight is  the monasteries, the oldest of which is founded in the 14th century. We make an excursion to the monasteries in the morning before we go to Delphi. They are accessible by stairs and  there is a visitor’s fee. Many buildings, especially the large Meteoron Monastery and the Agios Nikolaos are richly decorated with beautiful ancient frescoes and icons. Very impressive is the view of the other monasteries, which often seem to  appear out of the rocks.

The journey from Kalambaka to Delphi takes about five hours. Delphi is a small country town, which is mainly visited for the remains of the sanctuary and the oracle classics. The inhabitants of Delphi live  as their ancestors, from the proceeds from the oracle. For centuries, people from the surrounding area visited the oracle to seek the god Apollo’s advice on all questions of life. Rulers relied on the responses of the priestess to make their political decisions.

In addition to its cultural and historical importance, a visit to the oracle is also a must because of the magnificent view you have there on steep, cypress and pine-clad slopes. The oracle is about 15 minutes' walk away. 

Olympia and Pylos 
Day 5 Delphi Nafpaktos - OlympiaOlympia 
Day 6 - Pylos 
Day 7  Pylos
On the ride to the Peloponnese we stop in Nafpaktos, a typical Greek harbor town, dominated by a Venetian fortress built on a hill. After lunch, we take the ferry from Antirion for a ten minute crossing to the Peloponnese. Then we drive in for about three hours to Olympia.

Olympia was made famous by the Olympic Games, a religious festival in honor of Zeus which to place from  776  to 394. Today, every four years the Olympic torch is ignited here. In the great temple of Zeus the winners of the games were crowned with an olive branch. The remains of this sport and temple complex are located in a wooded area. You can walk there from our hotel in ten minutes.

The journey from Olympia to Pylos, a charming town on the beach takes about 3 hours.We drive along a beautiful coastal road, where you almost always have a  sea view. The next day you can walk around in Pylos and perch on a terrace at the harbor. Or go to Methoni, located at the southernmost point of the west coast of the Peloponnese. The imposing Venetian fortress, which lies on the coast is worth a visit.  

Pylos, Mystras, Nafplion
Day 8     Pylos - Mystras 
Day 9    Mystras  - Mycenae - Nafplion
Day 10  Nafplion 

In the morning we leave by bus from Pylos to  Mystras. After we cross the Taigetos mountains through a scenic route we visit the 14th century Byzantine town, which is beautifully built against a mountainside. It does require a few hours to view it. From the top of the mountain you walk down steep paths along the various remains. Halfway down you may encounter the nuns who invite you for a glass of water and to enjoy a magnificent view of the surroundings.

A few miles away is incidentally the modern Sparta, which was the  illustrious military stronghold of Greek antiquity.

On the way from Mystras to Nafplion we visit Mycenae,where find the castle and the imposing thousand year old Lion Gate. Then the bus ride to Nafplion, which around 1830, was the first capital of Greece.

Nafplion is one of the most attractive towns of the Peloponnese. For two centuries the city was dominated by the Venetians. The architecture, whereh white and pastel-colored houses with wrought-iron balconies set the tone, is still reminiscent of Venice. It is built at the foot of a hill and overlooks a bay. Because it is very strategically located by the sea, there were several large castles built on the hill, including the Palamidi fortress.  When you visit, prepare for a climb! A few miles away you can relax on the beach of Tolo. 

Epidaurus, Corinth Canal and Naxos 
Day 11 Nafplion- Epidaurus- channel Korinthe- Pireus- Naxos 
Day 12 Naxos 
Day 13 Naxos 

Near Nafplion are remains of classical civilization, such as the remains of Tiryns. The best preserved ancient Greek theater, located in Epidaurus, we visit en route to Piraeus. This theater is cool and has such good acoustics that many performances  of classical Greek plays or performed in the summer. 

We look into the deep channel of Corinth in Piraeus before we take the ferry to Naxos. Naxos is the largest and highest island of the Cyclades. Although mountainous, is particularly fertile and has a colorful vegetation. On the island are scattered citrus and olive groves and a portion of the island has a rocky coast with deserted coves.

We stay in Naxos town, also called Chora. Naxos town is a picturesque town with a castle on the hill from the Venetian period.

You can entertain yourself for hours on the winding staircases along the streets. In the harbor are the magnificent remains of a Greek temple of Apollo, which was never completed.  It is very photogenic, especially at sunset. With a moped or a rental car, you can visit surrounding villages  between orange and olive groves.

Here you will find few foreigners. You can spend an delightful afternoon while sipping a glass of retsina with the locals and playing cards in the village square. You can also honor the god of wine, Dionysus, by tasting the wine in a local vineyard, for a small fee.  Here other local delicacies are served. 

Day 14 Naxos - Santorini 
Day 15 Santorini 
From the green Naxos we sail in about 3 hours by ferry to the volcanic island of Santorini. Ships sail into the flooded crater on the road to the port of Skala Tiras. The island is formed from the remains of a volcano that had a huge outburst in ancient times. High above the port on the semicircular crater lies the town of Thira. From the port to the city, it is a steep climb along a winding path. Nowadays you can go via a cable car up, but you can also rent a donkey to ascent! From our hotel you walk in a half hour to the center or the mountains.

It is possible to take a boat trip to the island of Nea Kameni. Where the remainder of the volcano imploded, it has slowly resurfaced and protrudes above water. You can burn your feet on the hot black lava.

The island has several more villages with narrow streets, traditional houses and chapels. At the end of the afternoon you can wind down in a taverna and can enjoy a glass of Ouzo or Retsina and watch a  beautiful sunset. 

Day 16 Santorini - Crete 
Day 17 Crete 
Day 18 Crete 
Day 19 Crete 
Day 20 Crete 

We continue our journey to the most southern Greek island of Crete. The ferry to Heraklion takes two hours. Then we drive to Chania, which lies west of Heraklion. Chania is a vibrant town with a beautiful old center and a Venetian harbor. You can walk around, and (as the Greeks from the area also love to do) or visit one of the local museums.

Crete is known for its lively resorts on the coast and the many traditional villages that you discover.  You can rent a car and spend a day driving in the interior. You can also go look to Heraklion which houses the second most important national archaeological museum in Greece. For the hiking enthusiasts there is also a great challenge. When weather permits you can take the 16-kilometer walk through the Samaria Gorge.Relaxing on the beach is also possible.

Dates and prices

Departure dates 2023

Land Begins Land Ends Price Availability  
Guaranteed leave
May-05-23$3,2555 seatsbook now >
Guaranteed leave
May-19-23$3,3859 seatsbook now >
May-09-23May-26-23$3,12517 seatsbook now >
May-16-23Jun-02-23$3,29515 seatsbook now >
May-23-23Jun-09-23$3,12522 seatsbook now >
Jun-06-23Jun-23-23$3,25516 seatsbook now >
Jun-13-23Jun-30-23$3,12522 seatsbook now >
Jul-18-23Aug-04-23$3,12521 seatsbook now >
Aug-29-23Sep-15-23$3,12520 seatsbook now >
Sep-05-23Sep-22-23$3,12521 seatsbook now >
Sep-12-23Sep-29-23$3,12519 seatsbook now >
Sep-19-23Oct-06-23$3,12522 seatsbook now >
Oct-03-23Oct-20-23$3,12522 seatsbook now >
Oct-10-23Oct-27-23$2,93022 seatsbook now >

Departure dates 2024

Land Begins Land Ends Price Availability  
May-07-24May-24-24$3,12522 seatsbook now >
May-14-24May-31-24$3,12522 seatsbook now >
May-21-24Jun-07-24$3,12522 seatsbook now >
May-28-24Jun-14-24$3,12522 seatsbook now >
Jun-04-24Jun-21-24$2,99522 seatsbook now >
Jun-11-24Jun-28-24$2,86522 seatsbook now >

Conditions "Guaranteed leave"

Price includes

 Land package,  transportation during the trip , hotel accommodation on bed and breakfast, excursions according to the program, Dutch tour leader (speaks Dutch & English). 

The trip includes

Land program

Tour leader leader (speaks Dutch & English) 

Transportation by air-conditioned bus

Accommodation in comfortable hotels with breakfast and sometimes a swimming pool

Crossing by ferry from Piraeus - Naxos, Naxos - Santorini and Santorini - Crete

Relaxing stay in Crete

Visit the mysterious town of Mystras

Visit Mycenae

Price excludes

 Flights from/to the U.S. or Canada.   Travel insurance, other meals, entrance fees, optional excursions, gratuities, personal expenses

Cost Overview




Double room  $55  per person 

Single Room   $85


Double room  $55  per person 

Single Room   $85

Payment Schedule 

$500 deposit is due upon booking to hold your place

Payments by charge card or check are accepted

Balance is due 60 days prior to departure date

In Greece, the EURO is the currency.

ATMS: Available in many places but we recommend to take $300, per person in cash
Credit cards: are accepted in many places.

Estimated Out-of-Pocket Weekly:  $280 

As a guideline for costs not included in the fare, such as meals, entrance fees, optional excursions and personal expenses, please budget a minimum of $280 per week per person.  Prices in small towns are cheaper. 

Entrance fees to museums and major attractions range from  €5 , to € 15  (or $5 to $16). With an international student or a senior citizens' card, entry is often free or reduced. 

Practical information

Accommodations & Meals

 Accommodation  On the mainland we stay in tourist class family hotels, which are mostly located within walking distance of downtown. These are comfortable and convenient, not luxurious. 

On the islands, the location within walking or short driving distance of the harbor. The reserved rooms are neat and have a private shower and toilet and most have air conditioning. Breakfast is included in the fare. The Greeks use a simple breakfast, usually consisting of bread, butter, jam, ham and cheese and coffee or tea. 

A few typical hotels (subject to change)

Athens Crystal City Hotel
Mystras Byzantion Hotel
Nafplion Nafplia Hotel
Naxos Barbouni Hotel
Crete Hotel Irene

Hotel Extension -  If you should need an additional hotel night upon arrival, please let us know on your booking form. That is recommended if the Dutch participants are scheduled to arrive very early in the morning.  You will want to be available for the first group meet-up and it is always great to be well rested when the trip begins. 

Our Athens accommodations are typically centrally located and there are several restaurants and cafes in the vicinity. The price is $55  based on bed and breakfast in a double room per person per night. The price for a single room is $85. Per night. An extension of Crete accommodations is possible. The price is $55, - based on accommodation in a double room per person per night and $85, -. Per night for a single room.  The prices do not include transfers to / from the airport.

Single room -Djoser is single friendly! If you are traveling solo, we will match you with a same-sex roommate. If we cannot match you, there will be no additional room charge. For a reasonable charge, you may request single accommodations, subject to availability. Just indicate this preference on your booking form. You will find pricing for single accommodations on "Dates & Prices" page.  

In July there are a limited number of single rooms available.

Subject to change

Meals   Only breakfast is included in the price of the trip.   You  can find a restaurant for lunch and evening meals. The tour leader can make suggestions. The simple breakfast in the hotels usually consists of baguette, butter, jam, ham and cheese and coffee or tea. Greece is justly famous for its extremely varied cuisine. Except for roast meats and stews with meat and vegetables (such as mousaka) there is a huge choice of fish caught in Greek waters. Greece is famous for its fine wines and ouzo, the aniseed-flavored aperitif.

Flights & Transportation

Booking your international flight - We provide the land package and transportation within the program as described. We do not arrange international flights from or to the United States or Canada. The land program will begin approximately two hours after the arrival of the Netherlands (NL) participants who will be arrive from Amsterdam. The land program will end about 4 hours prior to their scheduled departure time, which allows for time to get to the airport. The proposed flights for the Dutch participants and the land beginning and end times are listed in this section. They are subject to change based on flight delays or changes. We will keep you posted of any flight changes that we are aware of prior to the trip. When scheduling your flights, keep the following times in mind.

Flights for the Dutch Participants (subject to change)


   Amsterdam - Athens 16:15 - 20:35

   Heraklion - Amsterdam  21:30 - 0015

Group will meet for the first time in the morning.  

The July 21, 2015 has a different flight schedule. Please inquire. 

Before you book your flight - To avoid flight change or cancellation costs get email confirmation from our office that the trip has enough participants to be a “GO”.

Verify the spelling of your name-within 24 hours - When you book your flights, double check your flight records to confirm that your name is spelled on your ticket exactly as it appears on your passport. Some companies (for example, ORBITZ) will only allow a 24 hour window to correct any errors without penalty. You may incur heavy fees for changes, forfeiture of your flight ticket, or even worse, you could be denied entry to a border upon arrival.

Send us a copy of your flight itinerary - We will forward to the tour leader so they will know when to expect you at the hotel and when you will be departing.

Keep in mind hotel extensions - If the Dutch travelers arrive early in the morning, we recommend that you arrange to fly in the day or night before so you will be meet the group. Some trips involve an immediate transfer from airport to the next town so make sure you will arrive before the others so you don’t miss the first meeting or transfer to the next location. We can arrange an extension hotel night for you. Prices for hotel extensions can be found in the "Dates & Prices" section

If the Dutch participants arrive in the late evening - Should they arrive very late in the evening, the group will have their first meeting in the morning in the hotel lobby. You can check in earlier and relax or explore on your own.

Airport transfer to/from hotel (not Included) - If you will be arriving and or departing on the same flight as the Dutch travelers let us know. Then you can join them on the bus for the group transfer at no additional charge. Notify us in advance so we can alert the tour leader. If you schedule your flight at the same time as theirs, or later, you can join them on the group transfer to the airport at no additional charge. Otherwise, you can take an authorized taxi to the first hotel on the list we have provided for you. Private airport transfers can be very costly . If your flight is delayed, they are difficult to reschedule or cancel. With a taxi, you are not charged for waiting time or cancellations.

Useful Links for booking your flights

Local Transport    On this trip we travel frequently by ferry, the best way to travel from island to island in Greece. On almost all ferries you can relax on the deck and enjoy sun and sea. The crossings take approximately between 1½ and 5 hours.

Money Matters

rip Costs 2015

Land package begins $2620 

Single Room  $310 

Extension hotel night in:  ATHENS

Double Room (PER PERSON)  $ 55

Single room   $85

Extension hotel night in:  CRETE

Double Room (PER PERSON)  $ 55

Single room   $85

Estimated out of pocket expenses per person, per week:  $280   

Visa needed?  No 

Inclusives   Land package,  transportation during the trip , hotel accommodation on bed and breakfast, excursions according to the program, Dutch tour leader (speaks Dutch & English). 

The trip includes

Land program

Tour leader leader (speaks Dutch & English) 

Transportation by air-conditioned bus

Accommodation in comfortable hotels with breakfast and sometimes a swimming pool

Crossing by ferry from Piraeus - Naxos, Naxos - Santorini and Santorini - Crete

Relaxing stay in Crete

Visit the mysterious town of Mystras

Visit Mycenae

Exclusive    Flights from/to the U.S. or Canada.   Travel insurance, other meals, entrance fees, optional excursions, gratuities, personal expenses

Payment Schedule 

$500 deposit is due upon booking to hold your place

Payments by charge card or check are accepted

Balance is due 60 days prior to departure date

In Greece, the EURO is the currency.

ATMS: Available in many places but we recommend to take $300, per person in cash
Credit cards: are accepted in many places.

Estimated Out-of-Pocket Weekly:  $280 

As a guideline for costs not included in the fare, such as meals, entrance fees, optional excursions and personal expenses, please budget a minimum of $280 per week per person.  Prices in small towns are cheaper. 

Entrance fees to museums and major attractions range from  €5 , to € 15  (or $5 to $16). With an international student or a senior citizens' card, entry is often free or reduced. 

When you exchange money overseas, do your calculations in advance.  Keep in mind that fees are added in.  Count your money before you leave the window.  Once you leave, you can’t correct a mistake. 

Tipping    It is customary to tip for services rendered. To prevent you becoming tips to share out, sets up a tip jar at the beginning of the trip, from which the (joint) tips to drivers, guides, hotel staff, etc. are paid.  The typical amount for the tip jar for this trip is $30 per person


 Excursions  In Djoser you decide which sights you find worth visiting. One may wish to roam the markets looking for bargains, while another wants to look around in a museum or relax on the terrace, have a glass of wine and observe the local daily life. In most cases, you can explore on your own or with peers, with or without the help of our tour guide, on foot or by local transport.Entrance fees are not included in the price, so you have the freedom to determine your own preferences. Some sights are not to be missed, or they are  difficult to reach or are en route to our next overnight stay.  Such excursions are built into the program however, the entrance fees are not included. Refer to the Prices/Dates page for an estimate of your out of pocket expenses.    During this trip through Greece, the following excursions in the travel program included:

Visiting the monastery Osios Loukas, one of the most beautiful buildings of Byzantine Greece.

Excursion to the Meteora near Kalambaka 

Visiting Mystras

Visit of Mycenae, the ancient Lion's Gate

Visit to Epidaurus

Visit to the Corinth Canal
Locally there will be other excursion possibilities.

Travel Documents

When you book a trip we will provide you with more details about necessary documents. Passports should be current and valid for at least 6 months beyond your departure date. If a visa is required, you may need extra pages in your passport for your stamps. Check all visa requirements carefully and leave yourself plenty of time to send and receive documents before your trip.

Travel documents needed for Greece

Only a passport is required for this trip. Bring your drivers license if you wish to rent a scooter or a car.

Visa & Passport Expeditor   For an extra fee, you can hire an expediting service to process your passport or visa application. They will look over your paperwork and they can offer a faster return of your visa or passport. We recommend  TRAVISA

Health Issues & Insurance

Recommended Vaccinations etc.  For the Greece trip there are no required vaccinations. However, this does not mean that the sanitary conditions are the same as in the States. Especially in the summer when it can be very hot, it is wise to watch what you eat. Also, drinking tap water is not advisable everywhere. Bottled water is available almost everywhere for sale.

Health     Center for Disease Control – Travelers information– Travelers information for recommendations. Keep in mind that they may recommend an inoculation or medication such as malaria pills, which may be necessary for one specific part of a country but not another, or for a particular season. Shots are expensive. Make sure to get only what is needed. We recommend asking your doctor for a prescription to combat a more serious intestinal disorder.

When you book a trip we will provide you with information regarding the usual recommendations for the region we will visit. You will be responsible to check with your travel clinic or physician to review your plans and to find out the most up-to-date recommendations and needs for your particular situation. Plan to get your inoculations four to six weeks in advance of your trip. Some offices may need to preorder the medicines so call in advance. It is wise to pay careful attention to what you eat. Also, we recommend you bring medicines such as pain-killer and for remedy for intestinal disorders (such as IMMODIUM) Bring a small first aid kit. Tweezers, band-aids, antiseptic cream, insect repellant, salt rehydration tablets. The tour leader will have a first aid kit.

Climate or altitude changes can sometimes cause illness. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Bottled water is readily available. Excessive alcohol intake contributes to dehydration and makes you more vulnerable to illness. Make sure that you get plenty of rest and enough food and drink during the trip.

Insurance - For peace of mind, we recommend that you procure travel insurance. For example, in the event of an illness or injury, an emergency evacuation can be incredibly expensive and you would want access to the best possible facility. Also, lost baggage or missed flights can mean added expenses. Even events at home may prevent you from taking a trip, such as a lost job or ailing family member. Check your providers policies regarding coverage for expenses incurred due to political turmoil or natural disasters.  Djoser is not responsible for costs incurred for changes or missed portions of a program or missed flights due to such events,  so make sure you check your policy.   It is important to get travel insurance immediately after booking. Most companies have a brief window (within 10 days of booking) for coverage for a preexisting condition. You will be asked to provide us with travel insurance contact information before your departure.

You are free to choose your own provider. Over the years, we have recommended TRAVELEX. They offer a variety of plans and most importantly, they are responsive. Should you choose to go with TRAVELEX, you will contact them directly and the cost of your coverage will depend on the plan you choose. The cost will be based over the total cost of your trip and flights, and the amount is also subject to your age. Ask about the TRAVEL PLUS plan and the more economical TRAVEL LITE plan. * Arrange for insurance immediately after booking your trip so that you are covered for any pre-existing situation. TRAVELEX  1-800-228-9792

Group Composition

Group Composition
Djoser travelers are active, enthusiastic travelers of all ages. Join an international group with travelers from the Netherlands, Belgium and North America, who will be the minority group on these trips. Most of our trips range from a minimum of eight participants to a maximum of 20 or 22. You will find couple and singles on our trips. Feel free to call us if you wish to know the demographic make-up of a particular trips (number of singles and age range).

Minimum group size: 8 
Maximum group size: 22

What to expect when traveling with an international group - Djoser, Inc. (the United States office) has been a Greece tour operator for over 15 years. Djoser, B.V. (the Netherlands office) has been a Greece tour operator for over 25 years. So together we bring vast experience. Most of our trips are arranged in cooperation with Djoser, B.V. in the Netherlands. Because they cater to the voracious travel appetites of the Dutch, we can offer a vast number of programs around the world with hard-to-find itineraries, with numerous departure dates.

On our Greece group tour, you will travel with an international group, with most participants from Holland and Belgium. The international make-up of our groups is the attraction for many regular Djoser travelers and adds another cultural element to the trip. Typically, there are only one to five North Americans per group. You will find that almost all of your fellow travelers have an excellent command of English and most are very willing to socialize. It’s a great idea to extend an invitation to a few travel mates for coffee or a drink early in the trip. They will appreciate your effort and this is a great way to break the ice. It will be easier for them to test out their English skills in a quiet, one-on-one setting. Group members tend to warm up to one another in a day or two. As with every tour group, compatibility has most to do with individual personalities.

The Dutch are experienced and hearty travelers. We attract travelers of all ages and we enjoy the mix! You will find our participants welcome opportunities for independent explorations in addition to group activities. No matter their age, Djoser travelers expect, and are up to lots of walking, hiking, biking, or whatever comes our way. The Dutch and Belgian travelers will fly as a group from Amsterdam. You will meet the group and tour leader at the hotel where you will begin the land program with the group.

Tour Leaders & Support Staff

This journey is guided by an experienced Dutch guide, who speaks Dutch and English. Our tour guides are responsible for the organizational and technical aspects of the trip. Their extensive travel experience and expertise adds value to the Djoser journey. Careful and comprehensive training lays the foundation for their preparations. 

Climate & Geography

Greece has a stable Mediterranean climate with a pleasantly warm spring from March to June and hot, dry summers from June to October. In general, it is warmer on the islands than on the mainland.

Check temperature and rainfall for specific cities on your trip, during your month of travel at

Photos & video

Book Trip/Trip Inquiry

                                                       BOOK MY TRIP 

•Begin your reservation process by filling in this TRIP INFO REQUEST and send to us via the website. We will confirm dates and prices, and answer any questions you may have about the trip.

•Download and complete the BOOKING FORM including all participants passport information and payment information. Email a PDF, scan, or clear photo of your completed BOOKING FORM to All participants over 18 should sign the form.
• A deposit of 20% of total costs will be due upon booking in order to hold your place on the trip. The balance will be due 90 days prior to departure.
• Payments can be made by personal check or ACH wire transfer (domestic wire only). We will send you wire instructions.
• Upon receipt of your form, we will email you a receipt and confirmation of your booking.
• If paying by check, make check out to DJOSER, INC., Mail to Djoser, Inc. – Bookings 420 N. Oakland Drive, #6, Pasadena, CA 91101.

Questions? Call Luke Neal 484-995-2964. (West Coast)



* = required