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Has it been your dream to make a group safari through Africa? Take a look at Djoser's diverse selection of travel in Africa.  With a Djoser tour,  you will come to know Africa in a unique way. Travel to one country or book a multi-country tour of Africa for a diverse adventure. 

We have mapped the most beautiful routes for you and know the most beautiful places in Africa. Everything is well organized, from accommodation to transport, from excursions to professional travel guidance. You just have to book!

Africa is of course the continent where you can meet the 'Big Five'. On many of our group trips in Africa you can go on safari in one of the famous national parks of Africa, such as the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Etosha National Park in Namibia, Namib-Naukluft National Park, in Namibia. We also have specific safari trips to Africa for the real wildlife enthusiast. The Great Migration is a spectacular sight to behold, around January in Tanzania, and July, in Kenya (determined by the rainfall and animals movement patterns). 

Many of the group trips within Africa are distinguished by unique overnight locations: where possible, we select comfortable  lodges, where  you spend the night in the middle of nature in an equipped  tent.  We also offer several wonderful trips with camping accommodations, which also means a more affordable experience. Many campgrounds are located on the same properties as lodges. Some offer swimming pools, bath houses, and even a bar. And on a few nights, we stay in our tents in the wild, for example, in the Serengeti.  We provide the equipment, tents and mats (surprisingly comfortable!) and our couriers prepare the most delicious meals for us during our camping days. 

View our extensive group travel offerings  to this beautiful continent and choose which country or countries you want to explore first. Come on....this is a journey you must take in your lifetime!

The Best of Group & Independent Travel 
Djoser's tours are ideal for travelers who love active, off the beaten path journeys. Djoser's itineraries dig deeper, whether we are exploring a single country or taking a cross-continent journey.

Who is Djoser?
Djoser, Inc. is a tour operator, doing business in the U.S. since 1998 on the outskirts of Philadelphia.  We are an offshoot of a reputable  Dutch company, Djoser, B.V., with whom we collaborate for our group tours.. We are huge proponents of the travel style of the savvy, value-minded Dutch, the original road warriors (80% hold passports)!

Our Groups  (International)
On Djoser trips you will join active travelers of all ages.  We have international groups with most participants coming from the Netherlands and Belgium, and just a few North Americans per trip. You will find your fellow travelers have a great command of English.   It's fun to break the ice over a cup of coffee or a beer on a cozy terrace. Our guide addresses the group in Dutch and in English. The international make-up of our groups add another cultural element to your trip. Upon request, we can give you an overview of the booking demographics of any trip: age range, # of males and females, singles/.   

Off the Beaten Path
Djoser travelers are culturally inquisitive and open-minded. An adaptable spirit is essential when traveling "off the beaten path" as many destinations have limited infrastructure. Poor roads or weather conditions can lead to program changes or delays. But when you come mentally prepared, you can easily roll with it.

Active – Authentic – Non-Confining
Our itineraries dig deeper whether we are exploring a single country or taking a cross-continent journey. Our trips are non-confining.Knowledgeable guides act as logistics coordinators, not lecturers. Travelers will find ample freedom for independent explorations and dining. (Although the nature of safaris will determine a more structured program). 

Traveling solo – Djoser is single-friendly!
Single travelers are welcome! On our group trips we will match you with a roommate of the same sex.  If you are willing to share a room, but we are unable to match you with a roommate, you will not be charged an additional fee for the single.  If you prefer single accommodations, you may request on your booking form. We have reasonable single supplements.

Getting around
Djoser has everything arranged in advance in the country of destination. We travel from place to place with our own bus, often equipped with air conditioning, where needed. We can always stop to stretch our legs, to check out a nice market or a beautiful village. A country must not only be experienced through the windows of a bus!  Once we reach a city or town, we use the local forms of transportation to get around, unless there is an planned excursion outside the city. Sometimes, we take internal flights, night trains, or, in South America, night buses (with reclining seats and food service).