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India Safari Tour, 17 days


LAND: $2670 .  Single: $540 

1)  arrival Mumbai, city tour Mumbai
2) Mumbai - flight to Nagpur - Tadoba national park
3) Tadoba NP, morning and afternoon game drive
4) Tadoba NP - Pench national park
5) Pench national park, morning and afternoon game drive
6) Pench NP, morning game drive - Kanha national park
7) Kanha NP, morning and afternoon game drive
8) Kanha NP - Bandhavgarh national park
9) Bandhavgarh NP, morning and afternoon game drive - Umaria - train to Agra
10) Agra
11) Agra - Fatehpur Sikri - Bharatpur (Keoladeo National Park)
12) Bharatpur (Keoladeo NP)
13) Bharatpur (Keoladeo NP) - Corbett national park
14) Corbett NP game drive morning and afternoon
15) Corbett NP - Delhi
16) Delhi
17) Delhi

A tiger in a zoo or circus impresses. But encountering one in the wild is an experience never to be forgotten! In addition to tigers, India has many different animal species such as leopards, wild dogs, hyenas, buffalo, monkeys, bears, elephants, deer and crocodiles. We visit famous national parks such as Tadoba, Pench, Kanha, Banhdhavgarh and Corbett. We take numerous game drives during this exciting program.

Join our international group of active travelers, of all ages. Most of the group coming from the Netherlands and Belgium. Almost all have a superb command of English. Our guide addresses the group in Dutch and English. Join us for a true nature and cultural adventure.  We provide the land program, so you will need to secure your own flights. We will recommend the appropriate arrival and departures times.


  1. Mumbai (Land begins early A.M.)
  2. Mumbai - flight to Nagpur - Tadoba national park
  3. Tadoba NP, morning and afternoon game drive
  4. Tadoba NP, morning and afternoon game drive
  5. Tadoba NP - Pench national park
  6. Pench NP, morning game drive - Kanha national park
  7. Kanha NP, morning and afternoon game drive
  8. Kanha NP - Bandhavgarh national park
  9. Bandhavgarh NP, morning and afternoon game drive - Umaria - train to Agra
  10. Agra
  11. Agra - Fatehpur Sikri - Bharatpur (Keoladeo national park)
  12. Bharatpur (Keoladeo NP)
  13. Bharatpur (Keoladeo NP) - Corbett national park
  14. Corbett NP morning and afternoon game drive
  15. Corbett NP - Akshardham Temple - Delhi
  16. Delhi
  17. Delhi (land program ends in morning)

Day by day

This is a 17-day land program.


Day 1 Transit day     (Extention hotel night recommended)
Day 2 arrival Mumbai (LAND PROGRAM BEGINS early morning)

You will meet the tour leader and guide at first hotel in Mumbai.  As the land program begins early morning, we recommend booking an extra hotel night so you will be well rested for the coming day.  The tour leader will organize a Welcome meeting in the morning to introduce the group and go over the game plan for the days to come. 

'The heat and smells of Mumbai will embrace you on arrival at the airport. India's most cosmopolitan city is traditionally a port city and an important trading center. For the British, Mumbai was the 'Gateway' to the Indian continent. Traces from this colonial past can still be seen in the architecture of the beautiful train station. Today, the city is the center for the production of hundreds of typical Hindi films, hence the name, Bollywood.

Traffic in these cities of millions is chaotic. Rickshaws, mopeds, cars and buses are here fighting for every meter of asphalt. To escape this hectic, a walk in the Hanging Gardens is a must. At the 'ghats', the dhobi's, the traditional clothes washers, work hard to bring back the laundry in the evening with their owners, clean and ironed. This gigantic open-air laundry is a true spectacle.

Tadoba National Park

Day 3 Mumbai - flight to Nagpur - Tadoba National Park 
Day 4 Tadoba NP, morning and afternoon game drive
Day 5 Tadoba NP, morning and afternoon game drive

After breakfast we take the plane to Nagpur. After arrival we drive in 4 hours with our own bus to Tadoba National Park. After the bustle of Mumbai you can completely relax in the beautiful surroundings. In the cool of the afternoon you can already take a walk. The following days we make game drives in the park in the morning and in the evening.

The area is dry and hilly and consists of tropical deciduous forest. Gigantic teak trees provide shelter for nesting birds. There are all kinds of animals in the hills; sambar deer, lip bears, four horn antelopes, porcupines, civet cats and shy leopards. Because of the great biodiversity and the presence of tigers, the park has been proclaimed as 41st Tiger Reserve in India. Within the borders are several lakes. The permanent Irai Lake is a stopping place for waterfowl, which must be suitable for the marsh crocodiles.

Pench & Kanha National Park

Day 6 Tadoba NP - Pench National Park 
Day 7 Pench NP, morning game drive - Kanha National Park
Day 8 Kanha NP, morning and afternoon game drive

It is about 7 hours drive to Pench, located in the south of Madya Pradesh . We arrive here in a completely different green world. The park has a glorious long history and is the setting of Rudyard Kipling's most famous work; Jungle Book.

The varied landscape consists of open grasslands, humid valleys and mixed forest. Because of this variety, no less than 1200 plant species occur and the concentration of grazers is large. The big herds of Gaur - Indian bison are striking. There are various deer and antelope species to be seen here, such as the Sambar and Nilegau.

The next morning we go into the park with jeeps to search for her residents and to enjoy the beautiful landscape. For bird lovers, the park is a true paradise. The park has no less than 285 different species. Four rare vultures, hornbills and ospreys. In the winter, thousands of migratory birds visit the large water reservoirs, a spectacular sight!

The ride from Pench to Kanha gives you a good idea of ​​the vastness and tranquility of central India. Kanha national park was established in 1955. The rare barasingha, a marsh deer, lives in the park. Which is high on the menu of the leopard, the tiger and the wild dog. From Bamni Dadar, a hill in the park, you have a beautiful view of the grazing gaurs, sambars and Nilegau. We make two journeys with open jeeps, to enjoy the natural beauty.


Day 9 Kanha NP - Bandhavgarh National Park
Day 10 Bandhavgarh NP, Game Drives - Umaria - Train to Agra

Bandhavgarh is small compared to the other national parks in India. The park is the former hunting ground of the Maharaja of Rewa. However, the amount of game is surprisingly large. In the center of the park are some hills that are separated by valleys. There are some marshlands in some places. Bamboo is everywhere. Because of this variety of landscapes you will find many animals in the park, including tigers.

We make with open jeeps (on day 10) two 'game drives' where we drive towards the highest hill in the park, where there is an abandoned fort. The cliffs surrounding the fort contain various caves, which are painted with ancient inscriptions in Sanskrit.

After the second game drive we leave the park before we travel to Umaria, where in the evening we board the night train, which takes us to Agra. We stay overnight in couchettes.

Agra & Keoladeo National Park

Day 11 Agra
Day 12 Agra - Fatehpur Sikri - Bharatpur (Keoladeo National Park)
Day 13 Bharatpur (Keoladeo NP)

Upon arrival in Agra there is opportunity to freshen up at the hotel. Then there is time to visit the Agra Fort and the imposing Taj Mahal. Shah Jahan built this mausoleum Taj Mahal between 1631 and 1648 out of love for his deceased wife. The marble building is still one of the most impressive buildings in the world. Visit the Taj Mahal preferably at sunset or ascent, then the light on the marble is the most beautiful. We travel to Bharatpur. En route we visit the abandoned ghost town Fatehpur Sikri. The city was built under Moghulkeizer Akbar.

Keoladeo national park, the former Bharatpur bird sanctuary, enjoys world fame because of the huge amount of bird species that can be seen here. No less than 230 different bird species have been observed in the park on the UNESCO World Heritage list. In the winter months the park forms a stopping place for thousands of migrating birds, an indescribable spectacle. The most rare guests are the Siberian cranes that settle here. In addition, there are 30 species of ducks to be seen, various kingfishers, birds of prey, herons and storks. It will not surprise you that ornithologists and nature photographers from all over the world flock to this. We can visit the park with a rickshaw or by bike.

Corbett National Park

Day 14 Bhartapur (Keoladeo NP) - Corbett National Park
Day 15 Corbett NP, Morning & Afternoon Game Drive

Corbett National Park is located in the northern district of Nainital. The road takes about 10 hours. Corbett is India's oldest, most popular and most prestigious national park. It is divided into different zones and has a very varied nature. In 1973 the very first Tiger Project was started here to protect the tiger population from extinction. The chance that you encounter a Bengal tiger here is also great. In the park we make various game drives with open jeeps.

During the game drives we look for herds of elephants, watch out for tigers and search in the river for gavials, crocodiles with a long narrow mouth. Bird lovers will get their money's worth here. The presence of no less than 5 different types of vultures indicates a balanced healthy habitat.


Day 16 Corbett NP - Akshardham Temple - Delhi
Day 17 Delhi
Day 18 Delhi 

On our way to our hotel in Delhi or the next day we stop at the colorful Akshardham Hindu temple. This impressive complex was completed in 2005 at the same time as the adjoining musical fountain and an IMAX theater. That is also India! In Delhi we are overwhelmed by the hectic and busy traffic. Worth seeing are the imposing government buildings from the colonial era. The Sikh Temple and the Red Fort are also worth a visit. On the banks of the Yamuna river you will find the Raj Ghat, the cremation place of Mahatma Ghandi. A flame burns here 24 hours a day. After a journey full of impressions you say goodbye. 

Dates and prices

Departure dates 2021

Land Begins Land Ends Price Availability  
Oct-17-21Nov-03-21$3,06018 seatsbook now >
Oct-24-21Nov-10-21$2,93015 seatsbook now >
Nov-14-21Dec-01-21$2,93017 seatsbook now >
Dec-12-21Dec-29-21$2,93018 seatsbook now >

Departure dates 2022

Land Begins Land Ends Price Availability  
Feb-06-22Feb-23-22$2,86519 seatsbook now >
Feb-20-22Mar-09-22$2,86519 seatsbook now >
Mar-13-22Mar-30-22$2,73515 seatsbook now >

Conditions "Guaranteed leave"

Price includes

Land program
Dutch travel guide (speaks Dutch & English)
Transport by air-conditioned bus
Domestic flight Mumbai - Nagpur
Night train Umaria - Agra
Hotel accommodation with breakfast (except in Mumbai, Agra, Bharatpur and Delhi)
'Game drives' according to program
Entrance fees national parks (except Bharatpur) included
Visit Fatehpur Sikri

Price excludes

International flights
Airport transfers
Entry fees
Personal expenses

Cost Overview

$570 - Single Room 

$300 . - Estimated Out of Pocket Weekly - Meals, entry fees, tips, etc. 
$50 .   - Group tip pot - (for driver, porters) 

Delhi - Extension Hotel Night 
$70.00 .  Double Room 
$60.00 .  Single Room 

A visa is needed for India and can be obtained online. 

Practical information

Accommodations & Meals

Our hotels are a pleasant resting point in the busy Indian street life. We spend the night in centrally located middle class hotels where rooms are reserved with air conditioning, shower and toilet. The hotels often have a good restaurant.

In the national parks we stay in atmospheric hotels mostly built with natural materials so that they blend into the surrounding nature. Usually there is a main building with a restaurant, bar, swimming pool and an observation deck. You spend the night in surrounding cottages.

Mumbai Hotel Sahil

Tadoba 7 Tiger Resort
Pench Tuli Tiger Corridor
Kanha NP Tuli Tiger Resort
Bandhavgarh Infinity Resorts
Agra Hotel Amar
Bharatpur Udai Vilas
Corbett NP Infinity Resorts
Delhi Metro Heights


Other meals are exclusive. The advantage of this is that you can look for a restaurant or eatery of choice in the cities themselves or with a number of others. You can get an excellent Indian meal in our hotels and other restaurants.

 Indian cuisine, with lots of different curries, is world famous and delicious. In Rajasthan you could order a so-called thali. Thali means plate in Hindi. On this you will find a large variety of dishes combined with rice and bread. A delicious cooling snack is the lassi, a yogurt drink, sometimes mixed with fruit.

NB: Many hotels in India organize a special party dinner on Christmas and New Year's Eve with entertainment for hotel guests. A compulsory supplement is usually levied for this, regardless of whether or not you participate in this dinner. The amount of this allowance can be as high as $40 per person.

Single room

Individual travelers are, matched with other single travelers of the same sex. If you wish to have a single room, you can request on your booking form. Our rates are reasonable. You can find the costs in our Cost Summary section. 

Hotel Extension

Extension can be booked with accommodation in Delhi. You will stay in a centrally located hotel in the Karol Bagh district after the trip. Please notify us if you wish to extend. Extensions do not include the cost of airport transfer.

Flights & Transportation

 We provide the LAND PROGRAM only.  You will need to book your own flights.  Our start and end times are based on the arrival and departure of the Dutch travelers, who make up the majority of the group.   Based on their flight times you should plan as follows:   

Booking your arrival flight

Plan toto arrive in MUMBAI no later than 5:30 AM on Day 1.  (We recommend that you book an extension hotel night as the first day of the land program will begin early in the morning. 

Booking your departure flight

Depart DELHI any time after check out on the final day. 

The Dutch travelers' flight departs  DEHLI at 6:55 AM (on Turkish Air). If your flight leaves at the same time or shortly after, you can join the group on the bus transfer, at no extra charge. Otherwise, you will need to arrange a transfer at with the front desk at the hotel.  


We use our own bus throughout the journey. Traveling with own transport has the advantage, especially during a long travel day, that we can regularly stop in the villages and places we drive through, for example to visit a local market or other attractions. The buses have air conditioning throughout the year. 

Money Matters

In India,  the rupee is the local currency. Look for the current exchange rates on 

ATM: available in many cities in India
Cash: euros or U.S. dollars accepted in small denominations. Bring newer, undamaged bills (10 years old or less)
Credit card: usable in different places. 

Out of Pocket Expenses -You should budget for expenses that are not included in the fare, such as meals, entrance fees, optional excursions and personal expenses. (See Costs Overview)

It is customary to give tips for services rendered. In order to avoid having to always dispose of tips, a tip jar is set up at the beginning of the trip, from which the (joint) tips are paid to the drivers, guides, hotel staff, etc. The amount of the tip pot depends on the group size and length of the trip. The amount per person is usually $25-$30 for shorter trips and $40-$50- for longer trips. This does not include a tip for your tour leader. Tipping your tour leader is appreciated. The amount is at your discretion. (See Costs Overview)

Payment Schedule 

  • Deposit is due upon booking to hold your place
  • 20% of total costs due (or $500 minimum) 
  • Payments by charge card or check accepted
  • Balance is due 60 days prior to departure date.

Travel Documents

 For U.S. citizens.

• Passport, which is valid for at least six months after departure from each country.
• India - Visa (you can fill in e-visa online). We will provide you with needed information to complete this form. (DOUBLE ENTRY / 60 days)

Please verify your visa requirements on the appropriate embassy site for the country of your residence. Visa requirements can change. We will update you regarding requirements when you book your trip.

Health Issues & Insurance

 Health - Check for the Center for Disease Control – Travelers information for recommendations. Keep in mind that they may recommend an inoculation or medication such as malaria pills, which may be necessary for one specific part of a country but not another, or for a particular season. Shots are expensive. Make sure to get only what is needed. We recommend asking your doctor for a prescription to combat a more serious intestinal disorder.

When you book a trip we will provide you with information regarding the usual recommendations for the region we will visit. You will be responsible to check with your travel clinic or physician to review your plans and to find out the most up-to-date recommendations and needs for your particular situation. Plan to get your inoculations four to six weeks in advance of your trip. Some offices may need to preorder the medicines so call in advance.It is wise to pay careful attention to what you eat. Also, we recommend you bring medicines such as pain-killer and for remedy for intestinal disorders (such as immodium). Bring a small first aid kit. Tweezers, band-aids, antiseptic cream, insect repellent , salt rehydration tablets. The tour leader will have a first aid kit.

Climate and altitude changes can sometimes cause illness. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Bottled water is readily available. Excessive alcohol intake contributes to dehydration and makes you more vulnerable to illness. Make sure that you get plenty of rest and enough food and drink during the trip.

Most people are recommended to get
• DTP vaccinations, typhoid and hepatitis A
• Malaria tablets

Insurance - For peace of mind, we recommend that you procure travel insurance. In the event of an illness or injury, an emergency evacuation can be incredibly expensive and you would want access to the best possible facility. Also, lost baggage or missed flights can mean added expenses, Even events at home may prevent you from taking a trip, such as a lost job or ailing family member. It is important to get travel insurance immediately after booking. Most companies have a brief window (within 10 days of booking) for coverage for a preexisting condition. You will be asked to provide us with travel insurance contact information before your departure.

You are free to choose your own provider. Over the years, we have recommended TRAVELEX for U.S. clients. They offer a variety of plans and most importantly, they are responsive. Should you choose to go with TRAVELEX, you will contact them directly and the cost of your coverage will depend on the plan you choose. The cost will be based over the total cost of your trip and flights, and the amount is also subject to your age. Ask about the TRAVEL PLUS plan and the more economical TRAVEL LITE plan. * Arrange for insurance immediately after booking your trip so that you are covered for any pre-existing situation. TRAVELEX 1-800-228-9792

Group Composition

 Minimum :10  Maximum : 20 

Djoser travelers are active, enthusiastic travelers of all ages. Join an international group with travelers from the Netherlands, Belgium and North America, who will be the minority group on these trips. Most of our trips range from a minimum of eight participants to a maximum of 20 or 22. You will find couple and singles on our trips. Feel free to call us if you wish to know the demographic make-up of a particular trips (number of singles and age range).

Minimum group size: 10
Maximum group size: 20

What to expect when traveling with an international group - Djoser, Inc. (in the United States office) has offered tours in the region since 1998. Our group trips are arranged in cooperation with Djoser, B.V. (in the Netherlands). Because they cater to the voracious travel appetites of the Dutch, we can offer a vast number of programs around the world with hard-to-find itineraries, with numerous departure dates.

On Djoser’s India tour you will travel with an international group, with most participants from Holland and Belgium. The international make-up of our groups is the attraction for many regular Djoser travelers and adds another cultural element to the trip. Typically, there are only one to five North Americans per group. You will find that almost all of your fellow travelers have an excellent command of English and will be very willing to socialize. Group members tend to warm up to one another in a day or two. As with every tour group, compatibility has most to do with individual personalities.  Extend an invite to fellow participants for coffee or beer. The smaller number will make a relaxed setting for brushing up on rusty English skills. 

Djoser clients are active travelers of all ages and we enjoy the mix! You will find our participants welcome opportunities for independent explorations in addition to group activities.

The Dutch and Belgian travelers will fly as a group from Amsterdam. You will meet the group and tour leader at the hotel. Your tour leader will contact you to let you know when and where to meet the group for the first group meeting in the hotel. At the group meeting, the tour leader will make introductions and give everyone the nuts and bolds of the upcoming days. He or she will conduct this meeting in Dutch and English. The tour leader will arrange some one-on-one time to go over some details with you, in English, and will make sure you have the the necessary information for the days to come.

Tour Leaders & Support Staff

Our trips will be guided by an experienced Dutch guide who speaks Dutch and English. He or she will be responsible for the organizational and technical aspects of the trip. He/she coordinates with the driver, hotels, and other vendors along the way. The tour leader has extensive travel experience and expertise as well as a comprehensive training.

Your guide will address the group in Dutch and English. The guide is a logistics coordinator (not a lecturer) and will take care that you get all the important information. They ensure that the trip runs smoothly and are the point of contact for questions and wishes. Their own passion, combined with extensive training and induction procedure, forms the basis for their expertise and professionalism.

Land Representatives
Our experienced land representatives are situated in the destination country you will visit. Most of our land representatives have worked with us for twenty years or more. We work closely with them and they function as the liaison between our office, the guide, drivers and hotels. They are also available in the case of an emergency and their number will be provided on your emergency contact list.

Climate & Geography

 In North India, weather conditions are highly dependent on the season. In the autumn (September to November) and spring (February to April) the temperatures are particularly pleasant, both during the day and at night. In the winter (December and January) it is warm during the day, while it can cool off considerably in the evening and at night. The summer can be quite warm throughout India, with temperatures reaching above 95 ° F. In

Our trips are organized with weather conditions in mind. On our website, we will provide you with a weather summary of the region:Check temperature and rainfall for specific cities on your trip, during your month of travel at

Photos & video

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* Pay by personal check or credit card:  Visa, Mastercard, American Express

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  • Safaris in India's most beautiful parks; Tadoba, Pench, Kanha, Banhdhavgarh and Corbett
  • All game drives per jeep valued at $265 - included in the fare
  • Guide assisted (guide speaks Dutch and English)
  • Trip dates planned for optimal 'game viewing'
  • Great chance of seeing tigers
  • Visit Keoladeo Ghana National Park, a bird paradise
  • Join groups with Dutch and Belgian travelers for an enhanced cultural experience.