Faculty Led Programs

Programs for January Term, Spring Term, Spring Break and Summer Term

Djoser's eye-opening programs will take your students far beyond the familiar. We smell the exotic spices, taste the local cuisines, and dance to the beat of different drums! Our trips are a blend of culture, history, nature and local interactions. We guaranty indelible impressions and experiences that will encourage new cultural perspectives.  

We go deeper. For instance, we cover every corner of India; Rajasthan, in the north, Southern India, where you a slower pace and the colorful backwaters and old trading ports, and the far north, in Ladakh, high in the Himalayas, and home to the Dalai Lama. We also offer India & Nepal,  India, Nepal, Tibet & China,  South India and Sri Lanka. 

Djoser Inc. was incorporated in the U.S. in 1998. We are an offshoot of a highly reputable Dutch tour operator, Djoser, B.V. located in Leiden, in the Netherlands.  Djoser organizes hundreds of trips for thousands of travelers annually, around the world.  The trips you find on our website are designed for international groups of Dutch, Belgian and North American travelers. Djoser clients are active, seasoned travelers who seek authentic cultural experiences and comprehensive programs, at affordable prices.  

Djoser has developed an unsurpassed network of loyal, professional in-country partners around the globe, who insure consistency in the quality and philosophy of a Djoser trip, no matter where you travel with us. We know them all well as we meet with our partners yearly, in the Netherlands. Most have worked with us for 15 to 25 years.  We know who we can count on. 

Our experience, our seasoned global partners, our global coverage, pricing and most of all, our travel philosophy make us the ideal partner for faculty who are seeking rich cultural experiences for their students. 

Our Programs and Travel Style Special Djoser experiences may be an overnight rice boat cruise through the colorful lagoons and backwaters in Southern India, getting a henna tattoo, or watching a Kathakali performance. In Tanzania, witnessing the Great Migration is awe-inspiring when thousands of animals traverse the plains. A visit to tribal village is eye-opening; local children may stop to teach you how to carry a water bucket on your heads. Tenting under the stars in the Serengeti, or launching prayers and wishes down the river in Vietnam, in illuminated paper boats, are enchanting moments.

A sample of our programs:
Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Namibia,
Middle East/ North Africa: Egypt, Morocco, Jordan
Europe -Central: Central Europe - Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania
Europe - Eastern: Poland, Bulgaria & Romania, Slovakia, Armenia & Georgia,
Europe - Southern : Albania & Macedonia, Italy, Greece
Europe - Northern: Baltics (Latvia & Lithuania), Poland
Asia- Southeast Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia
Asia - South India (all regions including Ladakh), Bhutan
Asia - East - Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Mongolia
South America - Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia

Building a Faculty-Led Program

Explore our website for trip ideas. Through our Dutch counterparts, we have access to additional regions that you don't see on our site. 

Using these trips as a baseline means they have been fully tested by many, many travelers. We will customize based on your preferences, budget and time frame. 

Faculty-led programs will have many more inclusives than the group trips on the website. As an example, a typical quote would include: 

  • International flights
  • Comfortable, well located accommodations (double occupancy
  • In-country transport
  • Guide-escort and local guides for city tours
  • Activities & entry fees
  • All breakfasts and most dinners
  • Estimated tips
  • Faculty expenses  (air and land in single rooms) For example, two faculty members free for a group of 20 students. 

If you have organized a group before, you know this is a long process and the earlier you start the process the better.  Every itinerary will go through a few morphs in the planning process. 

Give Us Your Trip Preferences
We will ask you to provide information to us so we can help come up with a suggested program and initial quote. We will have plenty of suggestions but we will combine our thoughts with yours to create a great program. 

  • Anticipated travel dates 
  • Expected group size
  • U.S. city of departure 
  • Country and specific region of interest
  • Description of your study theme
  • Top priority cities
  • Wish list for special activities
  • Preferred pace - do you like to cover lots of ground or would you rather hunker down into just a few places (less drive time)  

 Spring Break Programs

We can organize Spring Break 7-9 days to European destinations and some other options, Explore major cities and surroundings staying in comfortable hotels or better hostels: Examples:   Paris, Nice, Barcelona, Prague, Budapest, Rome, Florence.

We stay in comfortable, well-located tourist class hotels. Some trips may feature a night or two in a special atmospheric setting, such as restored palace or fort in India. Or, on some trips, we may spend a night in more primitive digs, such as a homestay in a Vietnamese jungle, to live like the locals. On safari, on most nights we stay in comfortable shaded campgrounds, some with a pool, snack bar, and bath house. Camping equipment is provided. Nights in the Serengeti or Masai Mara are more basic. We pitch our tents under the stars. There is a basic, cement block “outhouse” and shower.

We build in daily breakfasts and most dinners, in the hotels. However we do not want you to miss out on the local cuisine so we arrange several dinners outside the hotels for fun dining experiences. Most lunches will be out of pocket. Our guide/tour escort will suggest inexpensive places. On African safaris, our cooks travel with us and prepare delicious meals throughout the safari portion of the trip.

Tour Escorts & Local Guides
For most trips, we arrange a local, English-speaking tour escort who accompany the group throughout the trip. The escort is not a lecturer, but is there to handle logistics with hotels, drivers, restaurants, and local guides. We will also often use the services of local guides to conduct city or special sight tours. These guides have more specific knowledge of these places. Sometimes there are required by the government.

About Djoser  
Djoser Inc. is an offshoot of a reputable Dutch tour operating outfit, established in 1985. Djoser has been a tour operator in the U.S. since 1997, located in Paoli, PA (on the Philadelphia outskirts). Because Djoser accommodates the voracious travel appetites of the culturally curious, active, cost-conscious Dutch, we can offer a huge variety of programs. Our pricing and travel style are the ideal match for university programs. We have a 10 years A+ BBB rating. President, Lucette Neal, has organized many university programs and has accompanied university groups, giving her first-hand knowledge of the elements that go into successful faculty-led programs.
travelers throughout the years.

Do you have an idea for a program? Let’s build a memorable program!

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